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Black and white 2 Battle of the gods

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Black and White 2 Battle of the gods

I will try to help you achieve ultimate mastery of the game, but first a few words about the game.

If you’ve played the original game Black and white 2 you may have noticed a few things like the army you’ve created is hard to control and the children grow really slow. Unlike Black and White 1, Black and White 2 didn’t had battles among gods, which unfortunately left the other side without miracles.

In Battle of the gods all this have been fixed, finally your people age and your armies move normally.

As for the story after achieving ultimate godhood among the Greek people, a new god appears. An Aztec god who is the master of death, he tries to overthrow you and he is where the real game starts.

Before all this you may choose between 3 types of a god you want to be: Good, Evil and Custom. Good and Evil will buy for you the types of buildings specific to your alignment and you will also receive a small amount of tribute. The Custom will buy no building but you will receive a lot of Tribute, which you may spend on whatever you like.

Also there have been added 2 new creatures, the Tiger and the Turtle. You will choose one at the beginning of the game or you can load one from the last game.

One more things if possible take over towns through impressiveness, it’s a lot easier to defend one town instead of 2 or 3 or more.


Is purely cinematic, the awakening of the Aztec God. Nothing you can do here


The battle takes place on Japanese ground. Almost all of the loyal towns have fallen under the undead siege and Aztec God. Fortunately there is a one town that hasn’t fallen. But something is wrong, the men are missing, they have been taken to a prison near you. Use your Creature to break them free, don’t think the Aztec God will just stand by and watch…he will attack your creature in his influence ring.

You can take over the towns very easily through impressiveness as there is a Bottomless mine near you.

Build a few Wonders to take them over fast.

When you’ve conquered enough cities the Aztec God will summon his Undead creature. He will attack you wall without warning.

Silver Scrolls

Dem Bones

Make all the skeletons dancing by pressing on the tomb stones behind them, its kind of complicated so I’ll give ya the solving right away. To win simple press 1-3-6-7, numbering starting from left to right.

You will receive 50k Tribute.

Riddle of the rocks

Each of the statue has a quote, keep your hand over them to do find out. It’s a riddle in which you have to position the statue as their quote says. Here is a a small picture about the right placement


Click on the ground to kill the skeletons, each skeleton killed gives 100 points and each villagers subtracts 50 points.

There are 3 levels each with a growing reward, level 1 gives 10k tribute, level 2 15k tribute and level 3 20k Tribute and the village will join you. It’s a very useful quest at the beginning.

When you’re done with the 3 levels you can beat the previous high-score for more Tribute. You can get more tribute if you don’t overthrow your previous high-score too much, for example if your previous high-score was 3150, try not to do more than 3300 so you can do it again.

There are some hidden statues on each land which will grant you a secret land at the end.

The  Statues look like this

The first statue is where the hand is

Land III (Norse)

This is, perhaps, the hardest land in this expansion,  because it is almost impossible to win through impressiveness. The Ore mines are far apart and require you to leave open in front of an attack.

Build as much as you can with given resources and make an army and go straight for the enemy’s capital. Use your creature to knock down walls and kill infantry.

This time the Aztec god will not throw miracles at your creature or armies instead he will throw rocks.

To defend your town, use the Shield Miracle, hold left-click to make an impenetrable dome.

Also the Aztec God make the Norse wolf bring him sacrifices.

Silver Scrolls

Sliding Puzzle

Slide the puzzle to make up the image of the wolf. If you do it fast you can disrupt the enemy’s wolf and he will not deliver anymore sacrifices for a given time.

2 Torches

Pick up the blue torch and place it over the green one, the blue one should hover without extinguishing and you can happily take the green one and place it in its place.

You will get 50k Tribute and a squad of Enlisted Swordsmen. Very useful when you are ready to take over the enemy’s capital.

Puck hurling

This quest is similar with Whack-a-Skeleton in the second land in terms of points. You have to beat 3000 score for 10k Tribute, and from here on just like Whack-A-Skeleton.

The Statue is on an ice slab near the silver scroll Sliding puzzle.

Land IV(Aztec)

This one is fairly easier than the last land as you have all the resources necessary for you to take over impressiveness. Take out the Hurricane wonder near you, if you don’t take it out in the few minutes of the game you will lose the round city (lower city). The Aztec god will throw miracles at you, mostly targeting the Temple in the lower city. Use Shield miracle to protect yourself from the Aztec god attacks and protect the wall from catapults. Send your creature to deal with the attacking army

As for the statue a picture is worth more than a thousand words…so here you are ( the statue is where the hand is)

When you’ve done with the Aztec god you may choose between 3 choices, replay the campaign with all you’ve bought, end it or play the secret land.

The secret land it’s a little more than survival and you will get the Turtle…other creatures are invalid there. You will be assaulted by enemy armies and Creature, resist as much as possible.

Black and White 2

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Land I

This land is a tutorial island which you learn about controls, moving, pitching and so on.

But first you need to choose a Creature. You may choose between a wolf, lion, ape and a cow.

Each of them have different special trait such as: the wolf is a fast runner, the lion a better fighter, the ape learns faster and the cow is a combination between all.

You can skip it as soon as you choose a Creature.

There are several Bronze Scrolls. Bronze scrolls are, usually, tutorials.

Bronze Scrolls

There are 2 of them; one of them will teach you how to move things around, another will teach you about Disciples. Each of them gives 1000 Tribute

Silver Scrolls

There are 3 Silver Scrolls which are entirely optional but I strongly recommend you do them.

The Rock Garden

You may complete this in 2 ways, you can either remove the rock from the garden or you can place it on the owner’s house, but if you place it on the house you don’t get any Tribute, however completing it in a good manner will give you 5000 Tribute

The Nomads

There are some nomads trapped on a mountain ridge, pick them up and place them in the marked circle. 1000 Tribute reward.

The Nomad Waterfall

This may be a Silver scroll but it acts like a Bronze Scroll teaching you how to throw things. Throw the rocks at the blocked waterfall to release it. It gives a reward of 5000 tribute.

You may now proceed to the next land.

Land II

The Aztecs have attacked the Greek people who were worshiping you. Save them. You will get indications in the game.

Land III (Norse)

This land is also a tutorial land which you may skip it as well but it is best if you remain and complete it.

Gold Scrolls

All of the Golden Scrolls here are just tutorials of city-building and city-conquering. They will also teach you lots of useful stuff about your creature.

There are lots of special assignments which you acquire by starting a Land. Most of them reefer to build certain buildings, gathering resources by your villagers or your Creature and so on. Check them up in the Objectives tool bar (F6)

Silver Scrolls


To silence the rooster play a little with the night-day powers. First change into night then switch into day.  Position your camera as close to the rooster to hear it. Silencing it gives 20000 Tribute

Paternity suit

You can either follow the gild but this takes a lot if have a big city and pregnant women can walk fast/run. So it saves lots of nerves if you just pay 1000 wood and you get a handsome reward. 20000 Tribute

There is a special objective you may want to complete it doest give too much Tribute but believe me that it piles up and you can afford an Epic miracle in no time, you will need to find 20 signpost which give precious information, try to read them all

Ok here we go:

To be easier for me and for you it’s best if we agree on some directions. There is a huge Norse Statue, face it, behind it there is north and south is where it’s facing.

There are 5 Sign post around your village.

At the base of the statue there is another sign(6)

West of it there is a village and a mine look carefully, there are 2 signposts there. Move west down and there is a beach in the center of it there is another signpost.(9)

Now go south to the furthest village of you, there are 11 signpost on the ridge. All of them are placed in a row.(20)

Land IV (Norse)

Silver Scrolls

Nut Oil

You have throw a barrel over the water on another island. There are 3 islands you must throw at. If you got on the island you can move the barrel by placing it at the end of the influence ring that appears around the barrel. 20000 Tribute as a reward

Undead legion

To get this quest you must do it at night. Ignite the torches in the given order.

I’ve noted them from left to right with number from 1 to 5. The order is this : 1-4-2-5-3 like a star/pentagram.

You will get a Veteran Norse Undead swordsmen and 20000 Tribute

Don’t forget to check other special objectives you may have.

Land V(Japanese)

Silver Scrolls; each of them worth 40000 Tribute

Monk test

For this one you will need Hand Forcing. To make the rocks breakable you must use Hand Forcing over the rocks, until dust comes out and wait for the student to break it.

Forest Ambush

Guide the Spy to the 4 map pieces. You can guide him using the signs. Beware of the guards; fortunately they also follow the signs. Try to gather all of guards in an endless circles, the best is where you got the first piece of information. Try not to plan too far ahead as the signs will change directions by their own will.

Save the lambs

You must catch at least 25 lambs to finish this. Not a complicated quest anyone can do it

Land Vl(Japanese)

Silver Scrolls; each of them worth 40000 Tribute

Nut Oil

You must ignite 3 wood piles to guide the lost brothers, to ignite them, throw the barrels at the piles.

The first pile is the hardest you can change position but it won’t do much good. If you got this one the rest should be pretty easy.

The next pile should be pretty close to your walls, you can use your own influence ring to get as near as possible. It’s a lot easier that the first

The last one is the easiest of them all, get into your influence ring and get as near as possible to the pile.

Seven Samurai

You must find 7 statues each of a different color.

Blue: at the base of the mountain where you took the quest.

Red: on the island furthest of you

Yellow: at the top of the mountain that holds the enemy capital

Green: where you took the Sick town quest, as you look at the town from the sea. On the cliff.

Orange: as you look from the at the enemy’s 2nd largest town look careful on the mountain in front of you. It’s a somehow camouflaged.

Purple: Near the second set of wall that lead to the enemy’s capital. Its down on a cliff.

Violet: at the base of the first wood pile you had to ignite in Nut oil quest. Towards the sea.

Now arrange them all from left to right in a rainbow order. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet and Purple.

Beside the Tribute you shall also get an elite troop of samurai. They are very useful if the enemy attacks your city

Sick Town

Move your hand briskly over sick people to cure them, do this quest before you conquer the city.


You will need to find some runes, for this you will need Hand Forcing, scrub the ground to find them.

The first rune is very near the archeologist just behind them.

The second is at the base of the single tree towards the continent, on the edge of the excavation site.

The third one is near the big rock near the temple( imbedded into the mountain)

And the last is on the hill, right of the archeologist

Now remove the rocks blocking the temple entrance

Land VII(Japanese)

Oil Baron

Don’t start this mission unless you have defeated the Japanese, you can very easily drop a Water Miracle over them to put the oil derricks out. 40000 Tribute as a reward

The Monster Mine

You can send a troop of swordsmen inside to deal with the monster, or you can send a sick cow in and plague the monster. 40000 Tribute as a reward

Dark Disciples

There is a strange statue towards the enemy’s city-builder brother capital, your advisors will show you where.

Just place a few villagers of your own to finish it quickly.

Land VIII(Aztecs)

Sun Dial

Change the time using your godly time-altering powers. Change it into 1 am, 7 am, 2 pm, 8 am. For each a torch should ignite. 50000 Tribute

Island Of Nymphs

Seek a male age of 21 within your village. You see people names and age by pressing the S key. 50000 tribute as reward.

Rain Dance

The drum beats are random and I cant really help you, all I can say is to change the pitch of the camera in order not to make any mistakes. IF it get too hard get a pen and a paper and write the sequence fast. 30000 tribute.

Land IX(Aztecs)

The last stand- a few tricks to defeat the Aztecs easier

Each time a volcano is fired shoot a Water Miracle at it to stop it in its tracks.

The enemy Creature gets stronger each time it gets defeated.

If you conquered the Japanese and the Norse through impressiveness they will aid you as soon as you conquer on town.

WarHammer 40000 Dawn of war 2 Chaos Rising

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After thousand years spent into the Warp the planet Aurelia; which gives the name of the sub-sector, has emerged again and a new threat emerges.

You can start a new campaign with a new Force Commander or you can import one from the previous campaign.

There are several differences between the last game

First would be that special accesories are replenished by special supplies such as:

Medical supplies replenish: Stimulant Kits, Rites of Repair and Litanies of Vigor

Combat Supplies replenish: Grenades, Melta Bombs and Scout ammunition

Explosives supplies replenish: Cyclone Missiles, Cluster Mines, Remote Detonators and Demolition Charges.

Strategic Supplies replenish: Signum, Rosario and Locator Beacon.

The second would be Weapons; there are several new types of weapons added

Melta Gunsimage can be used by Force Commander and Tarkus. They have high damage and can pierce armor without a problem but the damage drops with Range.

Terminator Lightning Clawsimage are used by Thaddeus and Force Commander it has a fast attack rate making it great against Light infantry but somewhat low damage against heavier enemies. There is a smaller version of this that does not require Terminator armor.

The third addition is that has been introduced a new character Jonah the Librarian, the sole survivor of the Librarian that guided Captain Angelous on his way to sub-sector Aurelia during the Tyranid Invasion. He is an excellent Damage dealer and at the same time he can heal team members.image


The last addtition, there have been added a few new Traits to the other Sergeants

Force Commander











Lastly there has been implemented the Cor


Corruption System which gives your squads new powers and abilities this also determines the end of the Campaign( Pure or Chaos)

Each Sergeant has different powers and abilities

Force Commander












Now for the Campaign missions

A Cold Welcome

You start the mission with your Force Commander and Cyrus, the Commander has a jump pack and a power axe along with some stimulant packs. Continue on the path following the objectives and kill the heretic Guardsmen. You will get several secondary objectives in order to accustom you will Dawn of war 2 commands and tips; these are purely for basic training. Reach Avitus and go and find Tarkus, Kill the Guardsmen that incapacitated Tarkus and revive him.

Now go to the distress beacon and capture it. Continue and use Tarkus grenade to take out the Sentry guns. Watch out as Cyrus can’t get too close to the sentry guns.

On the way to the communication array you will meet lots of Traitor Guardsmen. Use Tarkus to draw their attention when needed. Destroy the array and proceed to the Extraction point.

Hold out the extraction point against the Guardsmen, they will come in waves and between each wave there will be an Artillery barrage.

Reward: Grenade launcher

Now you will get a one-time action- Reassign points, look for the button above the Stamina skills.

Call for Aid

On this deployment you get the last 2 missing squad you were missing, Thaddeus and Davian Thule.

Endymion one of Thule’s friends have been killed by Eldar, defend his body to preserve the Gene-seed, also capture the Reinforcement Beacon near him; hold out until the Librarian Jonah Orion will come to your aid.

Now Thule will stay behind and you will get Jonah in his place; Jonah can be pretty useful. Use him to take out groups of enemies and heal squad members.

Go to the Eldar encampment and clear the way. Destroy the Web gates as fast as possible to prevent Eldar reinforcements.

Once the encampment is razed to the ground; head back to Davian Thule, as he is under attack by Eldar. On the way back some Eldar Wraithguards will appear without a Warlock, but just before you reach Thule there will be a Warlock with some Wraithguards.

Destroy the Eldar Grav tanks first to severely weaken the assault.

Reward: Claw of Zeal

Now go to Meridian

Uprising at Angel Forge

Some Orks are causing trouble at Angel Forge; you must kill the Looters and there is a Warboss near the Automated Foundry, it is best if you have Cyrus here for ambushing and skirmishing. Now head to the Angel Gate but be careful as 3 vehicles will ambush you, 2 Def Dreads and a Looted Tank; you can kill them very easy with Cyrus just place a  few mines and a Detonation pack to eliminate them.

Now move to Angel Forge, you can either destroy it or open it by capturing the generator on the wall; be warned as you destroy the gate it Corrupts your deployed squads.]

Destroy the Chaos Forces attacking the Guardsmen; once dealt with them follow Eliphas. Kill everything in your path.

At the end of the chase Eliphas will summon a Chaos Dreadnaught along with 4 Chaos Havocs (Chaos Suppressors). Tarkus can easily tank it, while the rest deal some damage; if you run out of Energy use Litany of Vigor to replenish Energy. Beware of the Chaos Dreadnaught’s Charge.

Reward: Melta gun

Ice and Blood

Help the Guardsmen to kill the enemy heavy infantry garrisoned in buildings, Cyrus High Powered Shot is very useful taking them out very fast.

Chaos will launch several artillery strikes against the Guardsmen HQ, to neutralize it capture the Communication Array, along the way you will be followed by Guardsmen. Once you capture the Array you can use the Artillery strike for yourself. Capturing the array is entirely optional and capturing it Redeems your squads.

Go to the Power station, it is heavily guarded; use Tarkus to draw their attention and call the rest for the kill. Destroy all containers for ammo. Capture the Power Station and move to the next marker, but before capture the nearest Reinforcement beacon

Now you have to destroy the Chaos Temple while the Shrines summons Demons. Beware as Cyrus can’t get too close to the Shrines or the Temple. Place a Detonation pack while Tarkus has their attention when done order a full retreat.  Detonate the pack at a safe distance; repeat this if needed.

Reward: Lascannon

Legis Uprising (Optional Mission on Meridian)

You have to destroy certain Chaos Structures Cyrus is Invaluable here place a Detonation pack near the Chaos structures and detonate it from a safe distance, be sure you don’t get too close. If Cyrus gets in trouble taunt the pursuers with Tarkus.

If you want to Redeem your squads there is a Black Reliquary you can destroy and if you want to Redeem a certain squad capture the assets with that specific squad.

You will meet some Chaos vehicles like Predators and Dreadnaughts so a few anti-vehicle weaponry can help you a lot.

Among the Chaos forces there are some Plague Marines, they are pretty tough and they initiate self destruct when defeated, fortunately they are usually alone; also there may be Blood Crushers they are pretty tough.

Reward: Tome of quickening

The Rescue

If you don’t deploy Cyrus, he will gain Corruption. You must rescue some Scouts if you allow for too many Scouts to die you will gain Corruption.

You can Redeem you squads by destroying the Chaos Portal, it is heavily defended by Turrets.

Once you rescue all Scouts you must kill the Sorcerer of Tzeentch. He uses a variety of spells like Chains of Torment which immobilizes you squads and Bolt of doom which kills every; he also summons reinforcements.

To kill him easily use Tarkus to tank him and make the Sorcerer turn his back at your squads. Place a detonation pack and detonate it after you’ve retreated when the reinforcements have come.

Reward: The Blade of Unrelenting

The Bloody Hand

The Eldar have summoned the Avatar of Khaine to fight you. On the way to the boss you will meet heavy resistance.

You can Redeem your squads or Corrupt them by cleansing the Blood raven monument or destroying it.

The Avatar will appear only when you’ve killed all the Warlocks at the boss site.

The Avatar uses its sword to call Warp Fire and uses the Fire as a Shield making him deadly at close range. The Shield will release in an X like area. From time to time Eldar Units will reinforce the Avatar.

Reward: Daedus Tomb

A Brothers Return

Techmarine Martellus is under attack by Chaos Forces which in the end will incapacitate him. Martellus is defending an Astronomic array, revive Martellus and he will deploy 3 Generators which you now need to defend.

You will be given the ability to deploy Tarantula Sentry guns, place them near to the 2 exposed generators.

Chaos will soon attack and east of Martellus Orks will come; to stop them you must capture a Generator this will close the gate and make the Orks go around the facility straight into Chaos forces.

A few mines and Detonation packs will prove invaluable here; place them on the path where Chaos comes through

Martellus will repair any damaged generator, later he will allow you to discharge the Array damaging enemies but this will Corrupt your squads.

Also you can Redeem your squads by recovering Wargear stored in the building on the path where Orks are coming. There is a Weird Boy guarding the building, this one is pretty tough as it calls artillery and has lots of Hp and a decent damage.

At the end a Plague Champion will attack you along with 2 Plague Clouds. The Clouds damages all infantry caught in it so it is best avoided. The Champion has a devastating ranged attack but in close combat he can be easily dealt with.

Reward: Terminator Lightning Claws

Keys to the past

The Judgment of Carrion is a battle Cruiser which appears in the sub-sector Aurelia along with Chaos forces. To discover the Traitor you will need a logic engine; by gathering DataSlates on board of the cruiser you will unlock the gate to the logic Engine.

On board the cruiser there are Tyranids which have evolved to suit the environment

The DataSlates are in containers you will only need to find 10 but there are about 15 in total. Beside DataSlates the containers may have inside them Wargear.

Spending more than 20 minutes on the cruiser will Corrupt your deployed squads. Finding all the Gene-seeds will Redeem your squads.

When you’ve found all the DataSlates, move to the indicated marker and capture the gate switch and continue on the path.

And a Hive Tyrant will await you inside; the Tyrant only poisons the ground in close combat as for the rest it’s pretty easy to beat. He will receive reinforcements from time to time.

Reward: The Armor of Infernus.

Capital Defense (optional mission on Meridian)

The Chaos Forces have the Governor’s Palace under siege, break the siege and defend it. You will be given 2 Squads of Guardsmen; they have 2 abilities place Mines and Frag Grenades, also you may place Tarantula Sentry Guns.

The Chaos will throw everything at you ranging from Plague Marines to Chaos Predators.

You can redeem you squads by capturing the Shrine and Communication array.

Reward: The Iron Cage.

Relics Of Space

You will have to recover 5 Gene-seeds which are kept by Tyranid Buildings except for the last one which is kept by a Hive Tyrant.

IF you don’t deploy Jonah he will gain Corruption.

You must find the Gene-seeds in less than 20 minutes as you will be automatically be teleported back to the Retribution.

The Hive tyrant has no special abilities but it has higher damage and Hp than normal.

Reward: Greater oath of Penance

Lord Of Chaos

Avitus will gain Corruption if not deployed also issuing a Retreat Order will Corrupt your deployed squads.

You must kill Araghast the Pillager, follow him and kill everything on the way. When you get to battle him the first time he doesn’t have any special ability he just uses its Melta Pistol and Sword to attack but he’s surrounded by lots of Chaos forces and from time to time he may receive reinforcements. When you’ve damaged him enough he will run.

Follow him and you can redeem your squads by capturing the Shrine, but watch out as its guarded by a Predator and lots of demons.

Before engaging into battle for the last time capture the nearest beacon, you may need it.

Now Araghast has pretty much the same abilities until he’s at 40% Hp now he will summon Heretics which feeds off them. He will start using more powerful abilities such as Warp Spikes.

Raid On Calderis

You must destroy the Blood ravens HQ or kill Captain Diomedes. Killing Blood Ravens will Corrupt your squads, to make them retreat use Cyrus to destroy Generators but be careful of the Artillery strike that will start after right after you’ve destroyed the generator.

To redeem your squads kill Apothecary Galan and his Terminator Squads; Galan it like any Force Commander equipped with a Jump Pack, he’s pretty easy.

Now you have two choices you can either kill Galan or kill Diomedes; either way you’d choose the ending its determined by your Corruption level.

Reward: Second Gift of the Artificers.

Now you shall uncover the Traitor which may be any of your Sergeants except Davian Thule. If you have maximum corruption at all squad the Traitor is randomly picked; usually it’s Tarkus but I suggest you avoid this as you will need him in the final boss fight.

Usually the Sergeant with the most Corruption is the Traitor.

If you have all squads pure the Traitor is Martellus.

The Wage of Sin

Now you have to kill the Traitor. Before engaging I suggest you destroy the outpost to avoid reinforcements when battling the Traitor.

The Traitor usually has the same powers as it had in your team but it is enhanced.

Martellus will come in a Predator Tank.

Reward: Comtemplation of the Codex

Foul play in the Chapters Keep

You’re about to get 2 Predator tanks. Both of them may Charge, use Smoke grenades and Repair but each of them has a different type of weapon. The Annihilator has a LasCannon which tears through enemy armor while the Destructor with its AutoCannon can rip infantry groups into pieces. Whatever you’d do protect the rear of the tanks as they have weaker armor in the back and sides. It’s a good idea to draw the attention of an enemy tank with the Destructor while the Annihilator moves behind the enemy Tank and deals a fatal blow. On the way smash all containers you will need those later.

Clear the path of the incoming Blood Ravens; when you’ve reached the Chaos outpost beware of the LasCannon Turrets and Missile turrets.

Now the Blood Ravens joined the fight and you shall get your squads, you can try to minimize the Blood Ravens casualties but I found it pointless as Chaos forces will continue spawning even without the buildings. Ulkair’s health increases with every Blood Raven dead.

To reach Ulkair you must kill Eliphas, capture the nearest Reinforcement Beacon before starting the fight.

Eliphas is crossing between a Sorcerer and a Force Commander, he uses Chains of Torment and Bolt of Doom but he also engages in close combat. From time to time he summons Chaos shrines which have various effects such as: Healing him, Summoning demons or damaging nearby squads using Bolt of Doom.

Once you’ve killed Eliphas you may proceed, kill everything in your way and capture the Reinforcement Beacon.

Now make sure you’ve got Tarkus and he has Litany of Vigor at maximum. Send him in first to draw attention and when the boss starts to attack activate Tactical Advance; send in the rest of the squads to damage him. This is the fastest and most efficient way I found when battling Ulkair.

Use the Litany to replenish Energy that Tarkus used during the fighting. When you run out of Litanies, search the containers you’ve destroyed for Medical supplies and repeat the attack.

The boss long range attack kills one of the squad members in one shot; also he may regurgitate to knock back your squads. He’s deadly in close combat so keep your distance or let Tarkus be the bait. How to defeat Ulkair easy

Dawn Of War 2 Walkthough

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Warhammer Dawn of war 2 Walkthrough

Warhammer Dawn of war 2 is a RPG-RTS from Relic in which you lead a small team of 4 squads.

Note: I have played the game under Captain Difficulty

Later in the game you will get 2 more squads; Thaddeus and if you complete some missions you will get a Dreadnaught.

At each Level up you will get 2 point which can be invested in Stamina, Melee, Ranged and Will.

Stamina grants Health Regeneration and Hit Points.

Strength- Melee Damage and Melee skill (likelihood to perform special attacks)

Range- gives Ranged Damage

Will- grants Energy Regeneration and Energy points.

For the squads you have to choose from 6 types of units each led by a Sergeant, except 2:

Force Commander- he’s a custom character, with your customised name. I always invest in Stamina as it grants a special effect to Charge To Victory; it can render him invulnerable, allowing you to tank bosses at the begginning. Getting him a Jump pack or a Teleport Pack can get him into or away from the fray without any trouble and (if you have Jump pack) do some damage. Soon after you teleport into a group of enemies use Charge to Victory and, if you want War Cry. It is he only one without a Squad and the only one that can use Commander Items. image

Tarkus- leads a Tactical Marine Squad; he can use Tactical Advance ability which allows the squad to soak any type of ranged damage without too much of a trouble. The points should be invested in Stamina and Ranged, but Ranged can be switched with Strength; as far as I know he’s the only viable option of hybrid. The most useful trait is the “I Shall Not Fall” Trait, as it allows Tarkus to tank any boss without dying as long as Tactical Advance is on.image

Cyrus- is the lead who leads a squad of Scouts; his main ability is to get infiltrated becoming invisible to the enemy. He may be lightly armored but he can be your deadliest warriors. He has 2 accessories slots but it may be extended by investing a bit in Melee, you should get that. He can get close to some Bosses, planting some mines and Detonation packs, severely weakening the Boss. There may be some bosses who spot Cyrus, I will warn you which of them do. You should invest in Will a lot and Ranged or Stamina, you choose. Don’t equip Cyrus with Bolters or Shotguns, I found them pretty useless, get him a Sniper Rifle its ability to suppress and long range is ideal for killing at long range without any problems. The most useful trait is Advance Infiltrate.image

Avitus-leads a Devastator Marine squad, this squad suppress any enemy including some bosses. He can use a variety of weapons like Heavy bolters, Missile Launchers and Plasma Cannons; in Terminator Armor he has an Assault cannon, get that if you can. His main ability is Focus Fire, this allows a far better damage output and it can be “devastating” for Tyranids. It is best if you invest in Range and Stamina or will, consider the fact that if you invest in Will you can’t get the Terminator Honors trait which allows you to fit him with Terminator armor.


Thaddeus-leads a squad of Assault Marines. He can be pretty deadly in the first part of the game but once you get the Terminator Armor his Jump Assault becomes a Teleport which doest do any damage. I suggsest you invest in Stamina and Strength, also get the Accesory slot. I usually equip him with Rosarius and Melta Bombs, his high mobillity makes him perfect against vehicles. DO NOT invest in Range.image

Davian Thule- he’s a former captain of the Blood Ravens, killed by the Tyranids, now returned as a Holy DreadNaught. Although Davian Thule is primarely a melee warrior, I like to equip him with assault cannon because it can attack at range and deal with any enemy that survived and came in close. I suggest you invest in Energy until you get the Venerable Dreadnaught Trait and the rest in Stamina and Strenght.image

The deployment team I usually use is:

Force Commander Tarkus Cyrus and Avitus- This can deal with anything, giving ultimate survabilty as long as Tarkus has Tactical Advance on and I shall not Fall

Trait, and do pretty good in Defence Ordonance

But at the beginning I swiched Tarkus or Avitus with Thaddeus- This team can do a lot of damage, use it when the target is vulnerable to hand-to-hand damage.

The Dreadnaught instead of Avitus or Tarkus- it doest make any difference beside a weaker team.

The level cap is 20 so think before investing in something you are not going to use.

Level all your Squads to Level 20 before the Last Stand Mission as they will come to aid you against the Hive Mind.

There are several types of wargear

Weapons– there are different types of weapons for each squad and some weapons can only be used only with a different Armor( Terminator Armor )

<!Boltersimage are used default by Cyrus, Tarkus and Force Commander and Avitus, but with “Bolter Specialist” trait even Thaddeus can use them. This type is best used against Infantry.(two handed weapon)

<Bolt Pistolsimage are used as default weapons by Force Commander and Thaddeus, but with “Close Combat aptitude” Tarkus can use them. Are best used for softening up infantry before engagind in close combat. ( One Handed)

Chain Swordsimage are used as default weapons by Force Commander and Thaddeus used for close combat warfare; with “Close Combat aptitude” Tarkus can use them. ( One Handed)

Heavy Boltersimage are used as default weapon by Avitus, best used against large groups of weak enemies like Tyranid Gaunts. With Heavy Weapon Aptitude Force Commander can use them. ( Two Handed)

Sniper Riflesimageare only used by Cyrus, it is ideal agains strong enemies but it can only target only one enemy at a time; also the rest of the troops near the targeted enemy are supressed. By equiping Cyrus with it and having the “Specialist Ammunition” Cyrus gains High Powered Shot an absolutely devastating skill against single targets. ( Two Handed)

Missile Launcherimage is used only by Avitus, it is an excellent weapon against vehicles, but its slow fireing rate makes the user weak against the enemies that try to overwhelm. It can destroy infantry in buildings.( Two Handed)

Shotgunsimage are used by Cyrus, it wide cone-like effect can be used against groups of enemies. It grants Explosive Shot ability which can damage even armor.( Two Handed)

Assault Cannonimage is used by Davian Thule, but in order to use it Davian must take in one hand reducing melee damage. It is best against infantry and heavy infantry. ( Two Handed)

Storm Bolterimages<!–[if gte vml 1]> <![endif]–><!–[if !vml]–><!–[endif]–> are only used by Squads with a Terminator Armor on. Force Commander, Tarkus and Avitus can use them. Unlike the Bolt Pistols these can penetrate heavy armor.(One handed)

Heavy Flamersimage< are only used by Squads with a Terminator Armor on. Force Commander and Tarkus can use them. It ignores cover and deals increased damage to infantry in buildings.(One handed)

Flamersimage is used by Force Commander and Tarkus, and with “Flamer Aptitude” trait Cyrus can use them. It has short range but a very high damage output.

PoPower fistsimageare used by Force Commander, Thaddeus, they have one of the highest damage but a relative low speed, can be used efectively against strong oponents, light infantry may cause trouble.

Dreadnaught Fistsimageas the name says it is only used by Davian Thule. It grants high melee damage and flamer attached to it.


They are special equipments that can make your life easy and purge anything that comes in your way.

Stimulant packimagecan be used by all infantry; it can revive incapacitated Squad leaders. Best if you keep this on the hardiest unit you have.

rag Grenadesimage are used by all infantry; it can blow out enemies in buildings and can turn the tide of a battle. I usually keep it at Cyrus or Tarkus if he has the “Grenadier” trait

Demolition Chargesimagethese are used to destroy building its blast is enough to kill infantry but it has a timer of 4 seconds before it blows up, making it pretty useless against infantry but it you got Blind Grenades not anymore. Only usable by Cyrus

Rosarioimage it is a very powerful piece of gear at the earliest stages when you cant tank a boss, but later on when Tarkus learns “I Shall Not Fall” Trait you can leave it behind. It use can increase the more Shrines you’ve captured on the planet. Any infantry can use it

Locator Beaconimage– can deploy a Tarantula Sentry gun per Foundry secured on the current planet. The sentry gun is vital in a Defense Ordnance. All infantry can use it

Signumimage calls an artillery strike can be deadly against grouped enemies. Only infantry can use it.

Cluster minesimagecan only be used by Cyrus; it can be pretty useful in any situation. Plant a mine near a group of enemies to kill them.

Orbital Bombardmentimage can only be used by Force Commander; it can be deadly even against bosses; to target it right, place the target near the enemy, not on it. Orbital Command can secure a second use to it.

Drop pod beaconimage it is reinforces a squad by dropping a Pod, you can target an enemy to crush it.

Melta Bombsimage are only viable against vehicles, as for the rest is completely useless.

Blind Grenades imageare great against any infantry(some bosses can’t be stunned by it), very useful in combination with Demolition Charges as it gives enough time for the Demolition Charges to go off.

Force Commander Items

Force commander has a very special slot that can use different Wargear that other squads can’t use:

Jump packs<image grants Jump ability which damages enemies at landing.

Teleport packsimage grants Teleport ability which allows you to get in and out of the fray without any trouble, also there is a special Teleport Pack for Teminator Armor

Banners- they grant Rally ability which heals anyone near the Commander

Iron Halos grant a shield which drains energy as the commander receives damage, I found it extremely useful with a Will based Commander


There are several races which try to stop you, but first a bit of the Space Marines history

During the The Great Crusade (year 30k-31k), twenty superhuman Primarchs were made by the God-Emperor, using his own genetic material. Before the project was complete, however, the Primarchs were scattered across the galaxy. It is suggested that the Ruinous Powers of Chaos were responsible for this. Each Primarch landed on a different world. Some, such as Horus, were relatively close to Terra whilst others ended up far across the galaxy. As the Great Crusade progressed, the Emperor discovered each of the Primarchs in turn. They had universally grown to become heroes on their native planets, and many had adopted local cultural practices. Two of the Primarchs are variously described as having had “tragic accidents” or as simply never having been found; no single official explanation has been published. Each of the eighteen rediscovered Primarchs was appointed command of the Space Marine Legion whose members matched their genetic code.

Eventually the Primarch Horus, who had been the Emperor’s favored son and appointed Warmaster when the Emperor retired from the Great Crusade in order to consolidate the rapidly expanding Imperium, was turned to Chaos. This event sparked the Horus Heresy, wherein fully half of the Imperium’s forces joined Horus in a civil war against the Emperor.

After a number of bloody battles, Horus was defeated at the The Siege of the Imperial Palace/Siege of the Emperor’s Palace, and the Emperor consigned to the Golden Throne from which he rules the Imperium to this day, despite the fact that his corpse is slowly rotting away. With Horus defeated and the Emperor effectively dead, the Primarch of the Ultramarines, Roboute Gulliman pushed for the adoption of his Codex Astartes as the primary document organizing the Space Marines. The remaining loyal Legions were divided into smaller “Chapters” of 1,000 Marines each, in order to prevent a single commander from having as much power as Warmaster Horus. The first Chapter of each of the old Legions retains the name of the founding Legion. All subsequent Chapters gain their own names and are referred to as Successor Chapters, of which the most well known chapter is that of the Ultramarines.

Legend has it that the chink in the Warmasters armor that allowed the Emperor to cast Horus down was actually created by the heavenly Primarch of the blood angels, Sangunius, just before he was killed by Horus.

Source: “Wikipedia”

You will be leading the Blood Ravens a Chapter which had their Primarch forgotten, calling him the unknown Primarch

You will face ORKS, they are unorganized and poorly armed but when lead by a warboss they can become somewhat organized. Be careful as the Orks who retreat they will return with reinforcements.

Eldar were the masters of the known universe which suffered a downfall, a very few of them have remained. They are manipulative and rarely fight in open grounds.  Although few in number they are well equipped and well organizesd ; the ranged fighters will try to keep you at distance. They are lead by a Farseer a leader with terrible psychic powers. Targeting high value targets like Seer Council or Rangers can severely weaken the Eldar on the battlefield.

Tyranids are typically a fast, close-combat army that rely on overwhelming their enemies through superior numbers. They may also be bio-morphed to rely heavily on ranged combat, or field an impressive but small array of monstrous titans rather than a typical swarm. Tyranid armies are therefore able to bring a varied threat to bear on their opponents. Take out larger creatures to disrupt the swarm

Stand with your Brothers

You have at your disposal the Force Commander and Tarkus. This is a tutorial map going through the basics like throwing grenades, attacking enemies, using special abillities.

Reach the outpost guarded by Davian Thule and his Scouts and repell the siege of the Orks. Now go to the point indicated, place Tarkus there, and Wartrak( Ork APC) will attack, kill the squads near it to make it retreat.

Follow it and destroy the infantry in the building by throwing a grenade. Now throw a grenade at the entrance of the mine.

Reward: Improved Chainsaw

Between mission you can change your deployment team order, level their abilities and change their wargear.

Choose the only deployment active.

Retake The Hamlet

You will get Cyrus, get rid of the Ork blocking your way to the Reinforcement Beacon and destroy the building with Cyrus’s Demolition Charge. Use buildings to advance to the hamlet. Place Avitus in the building near the Reinforcement Beacon and Cyrus or Tarkus.

Some of the Orks will throw grenades at the building, evacuate first.

Reward: Improved Power Armor

Now you can choose between 2 deployments

Skilla Raid

Now you have to kill Skykilla and his StormBoyz. To reach him you can go through the center or you can capture an asset, a Foundry and a Communication Array, capturing them is entirely optional but I suggest you get one of them, capturing one of them grants an artifact.

Go to the arena and there are some orks there, kill them fast and retreat to a close Reinforcement beacon. Skykilla shows up make your Force Commander tank it or Tarkus and get the rest of the team to damage him. He occasionally throws grenades and makes a Jump, clear the targeted area. While he jumps throw a Demolition charge in the targeted area, he will be stunned for a few seconds after landing.

Reward: Improved Scout Armor

Target Gutrencha

You must kill Gutrencha and capture one of the assets. Use Tarkus’s Tactical Advanced to deal with ranged fighters easy.

Before you reach Gutrencha, capture the nearest Reinforcement Beacon. If you have the Tarantula Sentry gun place it before engaging Gutrencha.

The boss is a ranged fighter, make him attack Tarkus while the Tactical Advance is on and Tarkus is behind cover. Some time the boss will use a shockwave, clear it fast.

Reward: Improved Heavy Bolter

The True Enemy

Cyrus will stay behind and Thaddeus will help you overcome the Orks at the Communication array, capture it and you’ll get Signum. F

Just follow the markers and soon Eldar will appear, kill them but watch out for grenades; also there are lots of ranged fighters.

Capture the Reinforcement Beacon east of the Eldar original position.

Reward: Tartarus( Chainsword)

All these missions took place on Calderis now go to Typhoon Primaris.

Defend the Array

This your first Defense Ordonance, in which you have to defend a Strategic Asset.

You will get Tarantula Sentry guns and some Cluster Mines, place them on the path where enemies will come from. There will be 3 waves, the last one a boss; which has more Hit points and damage but no special skills.

Reward: Sniper Rifle

If you got high enough score you can get an additional deployment.

A Spider among Flies

You have to kill a certain Spider Exarch. Use Cyrus to destroy any buildings and scout ahead. When you spot lots of enemies gathered throw a grenade in the center. Get one of the Assets and move to the arena.

When you reached the Exarch, use Tarkus to draw its attention and then move in for the kill, when the battle gets too hot, retreat and recover your forces.

Reward: Blind Grenades pack

Travel To Calderis

The Defence of Argus Gate

This is a special assignment which allows the story to continue.

You have to kill Mek Badzappa, an Mek Boy; follow him and soon you’ll reach Space Marine outpost. Defend the outpost against the Orks with the aid of Tarantula Sentry guns. At the end of the ork assault Mek will attack, beware of its forcefield, attack him at range while you dodge its proximity mines.

Now help Davian Thule against the Tyranids. The Tyranids come in never-ending waves. After you beat up a few Tyranids a Warrior(larger creature) will attack Davian Thule and you cant do a thing, reach Davian Thule to end this mission.

Reward: Melta Bomb Pack

Eyes of the Eldar

You must destroy a few buildings and kill the ranger named Nemerian, he has more Hit points and damage than the average ranger but he doesn’t have any special skills.

The buildings can be easily destroyed with Demolition charge and a well placed charge can take several at one time.

Reward: Cluster Mines pack

Vengeance for Davian Thule

Takes place on Calderis

You must kill the Warrior that injured Davian Thule on Calderis, the Warrior has a pretty weak escort of a few gaunts. Disrupt them by killing the larger creatures.

When you reach the Warrior; try to capture the nearest Reinforcement Beacon. The Force Commander should take some of the heat of your squads, when he cant take anymore damage retreat leaving Tarkus keep him busy. If something goes wrong, be sure Cyrus is the one that survives to revive the squad.

Reward: Missile Launcher

Now you can travel to Meridian.

Fire prism assault

Be sure you have some anti-vehicle weaponry, before engaging this battle. The Eldar will use stun grenades. Capture one of the Assets and move to the  buildings. Destroy them using the Missile launcher or a Demolition Charge.

The Prism tank can be taken out pretty easily if Cyrus can use accessories without revealing himself, by placing a few mines or throwing a few Melta Bombs.

Reward: Improved ShotGun

From here on some of the missions are optional, priority and some are Special assignments.

The optional…are…optional it doesn’t interfere with the storyline or something but they can help you a lot.

Priority targets allow you to reach Special assignments.

Special assignments are part of the storyline, completing them allow the storyline to advance.

Lord of Wraiths(priority target on Meridian)

You have to kill a powerful WraithLord, be sure you have some anti-vehicle means of disposal. Capture one of the assets. Use Cyrus’s High powered shot take down Eldar Platform.

The WraithLord is guarded by Seer Council, you can kill them but they are pretty hard so try to lure the WraithLord; to do this use Cyrus normal ranged attack to lure him away from the crowd. The WraithLord uses its guns to bombard an area and its sword to create a circular shockwave as well as a frontal shockwave. Avoid the targeted area as soon as possible, he may also charge. From time to time some of the Eldar troops will aid him but if you can lure him it, they won’t follow.

Reward: Superior Plasma Gun

Idranel of Ulthwe

The Farseer of the Eldar shows up. Go to the marked point on the map, but not before capturing the asset you don’t have, on the way Eldar infantry will try to stop you.

The Farseer uses a lance of Warp as a ranged attack and creates a Warp storm. The Commander should be able to deal with her a few hits but if needed use Tarkus Taunt ability to draw its attention while Avitus damages her. When you’ve dealt enough damage, she’ll run calling a few Eldar Units into the fray. Kill the Eldar to make her reappear. Cyrus can get close but he wont be of much of a help if he cant use the accessories without revealing himself.

Reward: Teleport Pack

Angel Gate (Special assignment on Meridian)

Orks and Tyranids have Angel Forge under siege; close the gates to stop the attack. In order to break the siege, you must activate at least 3 generators powering the gates. I suggest you activate them all before closing the gate, also rescue all Guardsmen you can. Clean the central road which leads to the gate for the Guardsmen. When you got all the generators activated, send all your squads to the gate, place Avitus in one of the buildings at the entrance and send one of your units to capture the gatehouse, it will take some time. While the capturing begins some Tyranids spores will land bringing Warriors and Carnifexes, kill them fast. Tarkus will remain here to protect the Angel Forge

Reward: Plasma Cannon

The Killer Serpent (Optional Target on Calderis)

I strongly suggest you do this mission as its reward has many uses. Destroy all buildings you come across. Carnifex can be killed easily if Avitus and Tarkus or Cyrus is in a building. The Ravener is a stronger than normal Raveners but with no special skills. You can use Blind Grenades to stun it

Reward: Remote Detonation Pack

The Secrets of the Angel Forge(Special assignment on Meridian)

Here you have to deal for the last time with the Farseer, but first hold out the foundry against the Orks, you’ll get Tarkus back( you have 5 squads at the moment)

The orks will come in waves and the last wave consist of a Looted tank, Avitus with Focus Fire On can deal with it pretty fast.

Now go to the marked area to kill the Farseer. On the way you’ll meet some vehicles and lots of infantry. Before reaching the Farseer you must get though a Prism tank, a well placed mine can weaken it enough for you to kill it head on.

Now attack the Farseer, use Thaddeus Jump ability with “Aegis of fury” trait to draw her attention, whiles the rest of the squads’ position. She has the abilities as the last time, but a little more Hit Points. When she summons 3 WraithLords, Tarkus will appear in Terminator Armor to aid you. Finish her.

Reward: Heavy Flamer

Death Whisper (optional mission on Calderis)

Here you have to destroy some Tyranid Buildings and kill a Lictor beast, similar with the Killer Serpent mission

Reward: Random

To decapitate the Hive(optional target on Calderis)

You must kill a Hive-Tyrant, this one is guarded by lots of heavily armored units so a Plasma gun used by Tarkus can be pretty useful.

Cyrus can get close and if supplied with enough ammunition can take it down easily, if not use Tarkus or Force Commader to tank it.

Reward: Random

Hand Of the Hive mind(priority target on Calderis)

You have to destroy some Tyranid buildings and kill a Zoanthrope.

Again Cyrus with the right accessories can be invaluable for scouting and destroying enemies ahead. The rest of the squad is required to clean up the rest and to help Cyrus if he gets in trouble.

Use High-Powered shot(Sniper rifle) to take out synaptic creatures, they are usually a Zoathrope.

Reward: Power Fist

The Mantis Killer (Optional target on Typhoon)

There is a Lictor which requires purging, Tarkus with I shall Not Fall trait can tank him, while the rest damage him; even the Force Commander can tank it but not as effectively as Tarkus. If you got cyrus there is no reason to engage in head on combat, just place a few Detonation packs and some mines and that should be it, Artillery strike can be useful or Orbital Bombardment.


Brood Swarm (Optional Mission on Typhoon)

Another Deep-strike deployment. It is pretty easy, but in the first few minutes there will be lots of ranged fighters attacking you, use Cyrus to  sneak near spawning buildings to weaken their attack. The Warrior is pretty easy but if you don’t purge the nest it can be a pain.

Into the Hive (Priority target on Typhoon)

To heal Davian Thule and create a bio-toxin for the Hive-mind, you will need a pure gene-sample; this pure gene-sample can be found here in a reclamation pool.

There will be lots of enemies attacking you at first but set up a defensive perimeter and advance between waves. Beware of the spore mines if you haven’t got Cyrus or Avitus in this deployment you can use Tarkus Tactical advance on to destroy the mines but making himself a target.

Capture the Pool, and head for the shrine, you will encounter weak resistance along the way.

Now go to the extraction point and purge all nests along the way. A Hive Tyrant will try to stop you, use your Force Commander to tank it and when he cant take any more damage send Tarkus in while the rest damage him.

Soon Davian Thule will come to aid in you in a form of a mighty Dreadnought.

Reward: Cyclone Missile Launcher and Rites of Repair.

GreenSkin Armor (Priority target on Typhoon)

Make sure you have at least a antivehicle weapon before starting this mission. Along the way to the arena you will meet heavy resistance. If you want a challenge there is a looted tank near the Communication array.

The boss is actually a looted tank which uses its cannon to attack, keep clear the targeted area; he also charges but that can be easily avoided. Reinforcements will come through the left upper corner, placing a detonation pack at the very exit will spare you of a really tough fight.

Reward: Relic Flamer

Greenskin weapon Smith (priority target on Calderis)

A deep-strike deployment in which you have to destroy 2 large Ork encampments, don’t get Cyrus too close to the Waaagh banner as they can reveal him, instead use Demolition charges to raze them from afar.

Approach the Teleporta from the east and priotise targets, don’t focus on generators instead focus on Waaagh banners and the Teleporta; take care of the Sentry guns fast.

Mek is just like any Mekboy only with a little more hp.

Reward: Jump pack.

Rippa Splitta (priority target on Typhoon)

There is a big encampment near your deployment area, Avitus with Terminator armor can be very useful, taking out buildings a very short time. Don’t forget to check if you have all the assets on this map.

Rippa Splitta is a Deaf Dread; avitus can take it out very fast.

Reward: Drop pod Beacon

Remains of a Dark Age (Special Assignment on Typhoon)

Go to the ancient ruins first, on the way there are Orks and Tyranids fighting each other. Kill them all or wait for one side to win, but that takes a while.

At the ruins a Deaf Dread boss will attack, he charges, creates a shockwave and calls Artillery strike; destroy it.

Capture the Generator near the locked gates. Now use Cyrus to scout ahead and you will come across an Ork bastion, destroy the buildings and soon tyranids will attack the bastion. Use the rest of the squads to clean up.

Now capture the Astronomic Array, but a crucial part is missing kill the Meks to find it, the piece is at the middle Mek. Return to the Array and capture it.

The mission is done but if you want you can go and kill the Lictor that ambushed you at the generator, if not just go to the extraction point.

To reach the Lictor, capture the generator powering the gate that leads to him (there are some wires on the floor in front of the gate leading to the generator)

The Lictor isn’t too powerful but its ability to conceal itself and to heal while concealed can make it pretty annoying. Destroy the vegetation indicated to blow its cover.

Reward: Doom of the Traitors (Thunder Hammer)

Now you will get lots of Optional Deployments.

The Wailing doom

You must kill the Avatar of Khaine, make sure you have Tarkus in your squad for tanking. The Avatar uses warp fire to damage you, clear the targeted area; also he creates a shield of warp fire which damages all who gets too close, this shield will erupt into an X like area, this damages enemies and friendly alike.

By placing a detonation pack on the path where reinforcements come will spare you of head aches, but watch out as Cyrus is spotted when infiltrated.

Reward: Armor of Azariah

Raid against the Warboss(optional deployment on Calderis)

You must kill a Ork warboss named Bonesmasha, primarily he’s a melee fighter so try to keep your distance and distract him with your Force Commnader. Before engaging capture the nearest Reinforcement beacon for a fast retreat if something goes wrong. Bonesmasha calls artillery and reinforcements which can be dealt quickly with a detonation pack.

Reward: Random

Warlock of the Eldar(optinal mission on Meridian)

You must kill the warlock Aurian, he uses warp energies to damage anyone near him, and a bolt of warp to attack at range. Tarkus can tank him easily. Place a Detonation pack on the path where reinforcement came pouring.

Reward: Random

Fearful evolution (optional mission on Typoon)

Here you must kill a Ravener, he is not very hard. Cyrus can get infiltrated near him without being spotted; a few detonation packs and a few mines should do it.

Reward: Random

Tyrant of war(optional mission on Meridian)

Pretty much the same as Fearful evolution, only that it takes place on Meridian.

Reward: Random

Hive infestation (optional mission on Calderis)

You must kill a certain Lictor, which its pretty weak and a well placed Orbital Bombardment can take out half of its hit points in one shot. Send Cyrus to deal with the rest of the hp

Reward: Random

Fury of the Hive Mind( optional mission on Typhoon)

Here you must kill a Zoanthrope, to kill him easily take Thaddeus or Davian Thule with Claws with you; the Zoanthrope is very susceptible to Hand to hand damage.

Reward: Random

Death Whisper (Optional mission on Meridian)

A Deep-strike mission in which you have to destroy some Tyranid Buildings and kill a Lictor. It can be pretty easy if you got Cyrus.

Reward Random

Devil in the Spire (optional mission on Meridian)

A Deep-strike mission in which you have to destroy some Tyranid Buildings and kill a Ravener.

Reward: Random

Monster of Meridian (Optional mission on Meridian)

A Deep-strike mission in which you have to destroy some Tyranid Buildings and kill a Carnifex with bioplasma, place Avitus in a nearby building along with Tarkus or Cyrus, attack with Force Commander while the Carnifex attacks the building.

Reward: Random

Green Skin assassin (optional mission on Meridian)

You must kill an Ork Kommado, named Backstabba. Cyrus can get infiltrated and take him out pretty easy. The boss its mostly a Ranged fighter so melee fights he’s at a disadvantage.

Reward: Random

Stolen Armor (optional mission on Typhoon)

A Deep-strike mission in which you have to destroy some Ork buildings and a looted tank, make sure you have at least one antivehicle weapon. The tank has lots of Hp and no Special abilities.

Reward: Random

Tyranid alert (Optional mission on Typhoon)

There are several building you must destroy and yo also have to purge a Hive Tyrant; don’t worry he’s pretty weak.

Reward: Random

Master of the Hive( Optional mission on Calderis)

There is a strong Hive tyrant which leads a swarm, purge him. Before entering in battle make sure you have captured the nearest Reinforcement beacon and Tarkus has full energy for tanking.

Reward: Random

Unstoppable Fury (Optional mission on Meridian)

You must kill a Carnifex; he can be a pain if you don’t have Cyrus or Tarkus. Tarkus proves once again invaluable for tanking while Cyrus can take him down alone.

A Orbital Bombardment can do a lot of damage if placed correctly.

The boss is a melee fighter, so keep your distance or let Tarkus be the bait; beware of its Charge. It summons for reinforcements.

Reward: Random

Xeno Incursion (optional mission on Typhoon)

There are lots of elite units on the battlefield so tactics are a must here; suppress with Avitus and kill with Force Commander and Cyrus, if any enemies comes too close Taunt him with Tarkus. The boss is a Warrior; kill him using Cyrus.

Reward: Random

Monstrous might (Optional mission on Meridian)

You must kill a Carnifex; along the way pretty strong resistance. The Carnifex is a melee fighter so keep your distance or use Tarkus as bait. It may charge and call for reinforcements

Reward: Random

Van guard of the Hive (Optional Mission on Typhoon)

You must kill a Lictor; along the way you will meet heavy resistance. The Lictor is pretty weak on its own but beware of its poison.

Reward: Random

The last Stand (special assignment on Typhoon)

This deployment ends the campaign. You must administer the Bio toxin to the Hive mind, to do this you must capture the capillary veins.

Capture the first vein and hold position, use Cyrus high-powered shot to take out large creatures; prepare for a massive assault.

Move to the next Capillary vein, on the way you will get the rest of the team( in my case Thaddeus and Thule); capture the next vein and hold it; place Tarantula Sentry Guns on the 2 ways where Tyranids are coming.

Once done, take out as many Tyranids as possible and await for further instructions.

Capture the indicated Reinforcement Beacon, and you will get reinforcements; lots of Space Marines will join the fray. Captain Angelos will join you and move to the last Hive Tyrant left; ignore the fighting. The boss should be easy, just draw its attention with Tarkus.

OverLord 2 Walkthough

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OverLord II Walkthrough

You are a Overlord the scourge of all who oppose you, the ruler of those who don’t. As an overlord you several means of suppressing the opponents

First and the most important mean is your Minions these are small devilish creatures, they can be easily controlled. There are 4 types of

  • Minions

Browns-are the melee fighters, they can survive most of the fights

Reds-are ranged damage dealers, can withstand fire and absorb it. This allows you to get over certain  they can ignite plant barriers as well as victims.Very weak in melee

Greens-are assassins, can become invisible, great for ambushes, as they jump on the back of an unsuspecting victim. Also they can withstand poison and absorb it. Second in toughness

 And the second mean is you. You can also attack and use magic. If they are not invisible, they can be pretty weak.

Blues-they are the healers of your horde, they resurrect any fallen minions and when swept they can pass through enemies; also they are the only ones which can swim. They are the weakest Type of Minion you have

And the second mean is you. You can also attack and use magic

  • Your Tower

The Barracks- is where your minion dwell and rest, also here you can resurrect Minions at a cost.

The forge- is where you make armors and weapons at a cost.

Private Quarters-you can customize the tower and visit your Mistress.

The Throne room- is the access point to the world above, allowing you to teleport.

  • Mounts

Add some more skills for your minions. Each minion type has a different type of mounts:

Browns ride Wolves- they add more attack damage to your browns and it allows jumping over gaps and knockdown

Greens ride Spiders- They add damage to your Greens and gives them the ability to climb walls( in certain places; look for webs on walls)

Reds ride Salamanders- They also increase damage of your Reds but when they are sweeped they allow Reds to fire on the move, great for hit and run tactics. Also they may roll over steep slope which you can’t pass.

You start as a young Overlord

You must prove your Minions that you are the true overlord by chasing some kids, while you do that you learn the basics like moving, controlling Minions, using magic, sweeping Minions and Guard Mark.

When you gain control on the young OverLord, get at the base of that hill and at the base there are fireworks ignite them to scare the children. Now you have control over the Minions, send them to bash things and get goods like gold, potions, weapons of Minions and Armor for Minions.

Continue chasing the children, they will hide in a hut near to a closed gate. Now follow Kelda ( the red haired child), she will show you where the children run. You will come see the children on an Icy fort, sweep the minions to get to them, when you are done, ignite the firework on the right. Now the path is clear to the children’s hide-out, send your minions in and they will look like children.

Now return to the locked gate, and it will open.

Get in the market and ignite the firework up there; also Empire will show up and conquer Nordberg, you must make your escape.

Empire uses units in formations, while in formation the units act like one, taking damage as a whole. They can be easily defeated if you take down the Centurion first, the one with golden armor and really fat, he stays near the formation.

Outside Nordberg a few empire formation will try to stop you but they are no match to your minions, continue on the path until you reach a roadblock. Right of the roadblock there is a catapult, use it to destroy the roadblock and any empire troops.

Go through the smashed roadblock and at the empire base on the left patg there are some caged wolves, free them and your minions can ride them as mounts.

Now go into the Empire base and free the caged Yeti in there, it will help you destroy further empire units and roadblocks.

You will return as full grown OverLord, ready to take revenge on the empire and the village Nordverg.

You start with basic armor and axe; these are pretty good for the first 4-5 quests without upgrading.

Now you will learn the other basics of overlording; attacking, summon Minions form spawning pits. Chase the Yeti, it will retaliate by throwing rocks but it does little damage, ,gather lifeforce, you need to gather 30 lifeforce, these drop from seals. As soon as you kill the first few seals, a hunter will show up and declaring war.

Once you reach a roadblock kill all seals and yeti will smash it. Follow him to the Hunter’s base, destroy the igloos as fast as possible to stop the hunters from overwhelming you. Be sure you destroy all boxes and containers, they may have inside gold, weapons and armors for your minions as well as potions; also in that camp there are caged wolves. Go to the right and some hippie elves will try to stop you, they can be easily defeated, continue on the path and near a flag there are lots of seals.

Return to the second hunter camp and the yeti will destroy the locked gate, follow him. On the way there is a big hunter camp, about 6 igloos arranged in a semi-circle. Before you destroy it be sure you have scouted all the map, there may be places you haven’t visited.

Go past the camp and you will face Yeti, he slams knocking to the ground you and the minions and jumps on the boats with barrels which he throws at you. Simple tactics like hit and run or head on pays off.

Continue and just before the exit on this map, there is a combination of Hunters and Empire units, they can be easily defeated. Now go to Nordberg outskirts

In Nordberg outskirts you have to get your first Spell Stone. Be sure your Minions are fully geared as you’ll encounter Empire formations.

The Spell Stone is guarded by Gnomes, after a cutscene you will get a secondary quest, destroy 1000 gnomes. Don’t worry about the number, gnomes are very easy to kill and more you can complete this quest on any other map.

Where was the Spell Stone, right of it there is a Command Upgrade, you can now summon 15 minions.

Continue on the main path and a Nethergate will appear, east(seen from the whole map) of it there is a Health Stone.

Villagers will block your way into town with fireworks, don’t step in them. Now subdue 3 villagers using your new spell and after that kill 3 of them.

Use the Nethergate to return to the NetherWorld, explore around to be sure you got everything you can.

Use the Throne interface to accept a new quest.

Now you must conquer Nordberg. Take the only path which will take you to Nordberg Sanctuary, a Nether Shard will appear, posses a minion and get behind the Dryad, attack her and she will get into a recovery state, destroy the root to kill the dryad.

Further 2 dryads will block your way, take the right path down a slope. Before crossing the water, leave your minions behind. Continue alone and soon enough Reds will come to your aid by destroying blocks or any gnome that dares to get close.

Follow them and you’ll get 10 Reds at your disposal, go on the path with a plant barrier, Reds will take care of  it.

Continue on the path until you spot the Red Hive

Take the lift and it will get you to a higher platform just above those 2 Dryads. Use the Reds to get the second dryad into recovery state as well as the first.

Don’t use Reds in frontal attack, instead place them on higher ground or behind the Browns.

Now a small community of the elves stands between you ad the hive, destroy all containers for gold, potions and gear for minions. There are several elven soldiers, but they aren’t much of a problem.

At the bottom of the community there is a Nether Shards, posses a minion and get straight back to a lower ground and get the minions to the lift, now return to your body and get on that lift.

Destroy the statue and the crystal falling down from it. Inside the Crystal there is a Spell Stone. Go over the statue and the path will lead you to the hive.

Return to the NetherWorld and visit the forge, now you can make armors and weapons but you don’t have the Forge Stones yet, you can only make 2 Weapons at the moment, if you want a new weapon forge the sword.

Now you can conquer Nordberg, go there. Don’t take the western path it swarms with Empire Units instead take the eastern road, put out the fire barrier using the Reds and past it there is a Forge Stone.

On the path you will encounter Empire Units, you can break their morale by igniting them with Reds or killing the Centurion the rest its pretty easy.

At the front of the gates which leads into town, there are some units that cant be ignited, the projectiles just bounce. Near them there is ballista ambush it and get control over it.

Destroy all Formations; south is a tent that keeps spawning units be sure you destroy it, first.

Go on the path where the tent was and past it there is a dig site, it is heavily defended. You can go on right and free some wolves, they are guarded by Empire units.

Now you can smash through any formation. Go back at the dig site and sweep your wolves at the formation, get past the formation and sweep the wolves over the gaps at the rotating mechanism.

This will release an explosive cart, ignite it to blow up the stones blocking your way. Go down and kill every living thing past the blown up stones, once you kill the formation a new explosive cart will appear, push it with your minions in front of another stone block, ignite it. Go up and kill the Centurion; use the rotating mechanism and another explosive cart will appear.

Don’t push it yet as archers will attack it, igniting it, get rid of them, now push it in front of the gates

Send minion to the ballista to have it ready, ignite the cart and out will come pouring several Formations and some archers on the wall, deal with them and soon after they are killed storm the city.

Some of the villagers will throw fireworks igniting an area, use the reds to kill them.

At the top destroy the Temple and push the statue onto a stone barrier, go back and work your way through the town hall. Where a ballista is, push a another statue over the governor.

Now you can choose its fate, he may live or die. Open the Hall interface to conquer the city. Kelda will join you as your Mistress.

Go to NetherWorld and resurrect any veteran Minions; also open you throne interface and a nordbergian request an audience, this will trigger a new quest.

Go in Nordberg and follow the marker, it will lead you in Nordberg heaven. You must free a ship encased in ice. Several hunters will try to stop you.

When you reach a tar pit use the reds to ignite it, melting the ice; ignite 2 more pits.

The second pit path is blocked, you can unblock it using a rotating mechanism on an upper platform. The platform is in a Hunters camp.

Once you ignite the 3rd, you will encounter a small village. Here you choose between 2 different ways.You can subdue 10 villagers to break the remaining ice or you can ignite a huge tar pit. Any way you’d choose both of them can be completed by breaking the wooden blockades past the houses.

Now go to the ship and send 10 minion to power it. Reds can still attack form the deck.

Once you reach a blockade, dock the ship and reach the seals on the right, they will run into the blockade setting off the mines, clearing the blockade.

Now go through the pass.

You will reach the Gates of Everlight.

There are 4 Key stones that are required to open the gates. There is an island opposite to the Gates, get around it to find a docking spot.

The first Gate stone is near the docking spot, place it on its slot. Now go right after you’ve placed it, the second key powers an elevator, once down get it off that slot and ignite the barrels near the crashed ship. Place the second key on its slot, now go through the right and ambush the poisons users, kill them fast. Go back on the ship and head towards the gate, the elves will try to escape with the 3rd key stone, get your ship near it and set the sails on fire, once dealt with the sails board the ship kill everything on it and use it as your new ship.

On the main island there is a inner dock, to reach it you will need the elven ship and break a stone barrier, inside there is a Command Upgrade.

North of the main island there is a Health upgrade.

Go through the ship came out, and take the key stone off it. Leave it on ground before you face the first group of Mermaids. Mermaids and be ignited and they use jets of water to knock you down as well as minions.

After the first group, go forward ignoring the powerless lift, reaching a second group of Mermaids, kill them and ignite the barrels of explosives at the far end. Now power the lift using the Key stone, place it on its spot.

Return to your ship and head to the second Key stone, and a bit further there is a blockade, use your ship to smash it.

Dock and several elves will attack you as well as some poison users, it is best if you deal with them, minions can be very weak to this.

Destroy any Elven huts to prevent them from overwhelming you, at the top there is the key stone, place it on its slot.

The gates are open to Everlight.

Now you are left without any minions, they are trapped by spiders and they are encased in web; the spiders drop green life force. There are 10 minions lost.

When you reach the female elf, the fat one, she jumps up on platform, you can take her down with the target spell. While she’s down attack her and after a few second she uses a spell which knocks you down as well as your minions. Once she’s dead the gate will open, past it there is a NetherGate,

I suggest you return to Netherworld and forge yourself new gear if you have minions.

On the right of the NetherGate there are 2 poison barriers, you’ll need the greens to remove them. There is one barrier that leads down, past it there is a Forge Stone.

Leave your Minions behind and continue through the water alone. Some panda bears will try to stop you from destroying the bamboo. There is one that stays in the way, attack it and destroy the bamboo behind. Green will help you kill the panda.

Kill the second panda and continue to the right. Be sure you explore, as minions are still traped.

Once you’ve reached the Nethergate, remove the poision barrier at the lower one there is a Spell Stone. Continue through the other Poison barrier.

You will reach an Empire Castle, posses the greens and use their stealth attack to kill everything, just be sure you attack from behind. Use, where possible, distractions like gnomes and pandas; usually there is a pressure switch that opens the gates. Stay out of sight of those Eradicators(the big gunned guys). Some of the vases contain minions.

There are 5 courts, 4 secondary in which you have to open the gates for the Hive, and the main one in which you have to get the Hive out.

Explore each and everyone of them, activate all mechanism you encounter.

There are some Sentinels, keep out of their sight and you will not be hurt. To kill them, destroy the pillar they are standing on.

To get the hive out just head to the main gates and they will open.

Return to Nordberg and kill or subdue everyone, you can now remove the poison barrier, right of the bridge. If you subdue everyone you’ll receive more income and your slaves will work for you by mining gold, raising seals for life force and make weapons and armor for your minions.

Past the poison barrier there is a Mana Stone. Some of the villagers hide in their Houses, destroy them to make the villagers get out. Once you reach 70-80 villagers subdued or killed, its time to leave as you’ll need the blues to continue.

Return to the Netherworld and accept any quest there is.

A mysterious girl that request audience will open the path into wasteland, now you must gather 12 Tower Heart pieces

, but you cant do much without the Blues, but there are several secrets, follow the path and you’ll come a Spell Stone, near it around the forgotten houses there is a Spell Catalyst.

Opposite to the Spell Catalyst, near the path that leads down there is a small cave with a Evil Crystal in it. Down there are some fire jets, sweep the reds to get to the Mana Stone.

That is pretty much it you can do here at the moment.

The quest in which a nordbergian requests an audience, some peasant want to escape your tyranny.

Go there and you’ll notice 2 barriers, a Fire barrier and a Plant Barrier, remove them both and continue through the path with the plant Barrier. You’ll encounter Hunters, at the end of the path there is a Hunter’s camp with caged wolves in it, free them and return to the Fire barrier, be sure you have 12 Browns. Sweep your wolves over the gap and  turn the mechanism. Now the path to the commune is open you can do it in 2 ways kill everyone or subdue everyone.

Some Elven troops will try to stop you, where is the Female elf there is a Spell Catalyst.

End it and return to Everlight.

Don’t summon any minions, instead take the path to the left of the NetherGate, cross the water and summon green to remove the poison barrier.

You will now get to a new map. The NetherGate is close summon minions, I suggest you get 12 browns, 4 greens and 4 reds, this kind of formation can cope with almost anything without too much losses.

There will be several empire units including archers and Eradicators, place the greens on the left, browns on the right and red behind them that way units will be distracted by the browns while the greens jump on their back.

Take the Red key stone and go left through the way you came, place it on the slot in front of the gate to open it. Inside a Troll will appear summoned by the Elven Queen, place your minion behind you, and you distract its attention while you do that call your minion on the upper platform. Place them at the top of the main stairway, without the greens. Be sure your browns distract the troll, meanwhile you attack from behind with your greens, that should do it without any casualty.

Take both of the key stones and head towards the bridge. Empire Units will ambush you, sweep the Minions to attack the Centurion, once he’s dead attack using your reds, as soon as they break formation charge them using browns.

Follow the bridge, on it some spiders will attack you from both ways. You’ll fall down at the end.

Now you must face the Spider Queen.  a video of the battle with the Spider Queen.

She sends smaller spiders to attack you and sometime she’ll snatch some of your minions or attack you head on. There are spawning pits on the walls.

To get her down use the Flower bomb to lure her to the sides of the wall, while she’s on the side use the pressure switch in the middle to get her down, now attack her.

Sweep some of your minions to the 4 corners switch to activate the center one.

Do this several times, until you defeat her.

Once defeated you may now use spiders as mounts for your greens.

Sweep them on the wall over glowing squares, until you reach the top.  When it gets too hard sweep one of your Greens on the square you can’t reach in time and place a guardmarker there. With another Green sweep it over the remaining plates.

On the last floor there is a Mana Stone, near it, where is a pressure plate, inside there is a Evil Crystal.

Get out; just follow the path, return to the first gate near the NetherGate. At the gate there is a square on each side, use Greens on spiders to reach it and place a Guardmaker.

Go through it and you will encounter Empire Legions. Once you reach a circle shaped building, go up the stairs on the left. Kill the archers there and sweep your minion to the tent. Now go on the right side and kill the Centurion.

Kill all the remaining forces. Now you have access to Everlight Town. There is a NetherShard close to the gate leading into town, posses one of the Minions and go through a wall breach inside the town. Open the gates for your Overlord.

Take the left road leading to an upper part of the town, destroy the tents there. Turn the rotating mechanism and somewhere there is a Command Upgrade.

Once you get past the last gate, you will be ambushed by soldiers. Some of the units hold position leading to the tents and Archers; sweep your minion on the beam near the lake, it will lead behind the enemy. Destroy the tent and archer, don’t try to kill the Formations yet. Now sweep the Minions on the other beam, do the same destroy the tent and kill the archers. Get your Minions up on the platform to kill the Centurion.

Now you can take down the formations. Destroying the temple drops lots of Brown lifeforce. Now decide the fate of the Governess; dominate her or kill her.

Now you have another Mistress, Juno

Return to the NetherWorld and take the new quest to travel to Empire Ground.

When you reach at the Gates leading into the Empire City outskirts, near it there is a Catapult Guarding it. I recommend leaving the minion behind, or safe behind a rock. Destroy the Stone Barrier blocking your way by making the catapult attack you, once it fires run!

Continue and you’ll encounter an Empire Formation again make the Catapult attack you and use it to your advantage. Call your Minions if they are too far, go after them. At the end you have to turn a rotating mechanism, send your Minions to it as soon as it fires when you are sheltered, now sweep the rest of your Minions to act as a distraction; be sure you keep them on the move.

Once the Bridge has been raised, go through there. You will get a NetherGate, near it there is a Command Upgrade. Continue and you’ll come across a Tend, send your Minion in it to make them look like Empire Soldiers.

Near the tent there is a Nether Shard. Posses one of your Minions and go towards the Fort, where is the Stone Barrier, go left of it. There should be a gap in the wall. Get inside the fort and attack the Catapult crew. Now destroy the gates blocking your way as well as the Stone Barrier; kill all enemies. Here you will encounter Royal Guards, the one that have a Crossbow as a weapon, they can be pretty tough, but if you have a decent weapon there is no problem as they aren’t in a large number. Next to the Catapult there is a Forge Stone. Go through the Gates to get to another map.

Follow the road until you reach a sentinel, take the path on the left and at the end there is a NetherGate and a NetherShard, posses one of your Minions. Destroy the Sentinel tower on the upper ground. Get on the beam next to the Tower and at the bottom of the hill, get inside the Tent to dress as Empire Units, you may now walk peaceful among the Empire. Once you reach a Centurion he will make a Gargantuan, attack you, for training that is. Make him charge at the gates, to end the fight quickly. Opposite to the Gates there is a Sentinel Tower, attack him once it is safe, if you do it quietly the Empire Troops wont suspect a thing. Continue on the road to the left and take the left path as soon as you can. There are 2 Sentinel towers in that place, make Gargantuan charge at the towers.

Once the Towers are destroy return to the OverLord, now return to the Gargantuan, kill it if you can as he drops an Evil Crystal. Now go through the opening in the wall, and you’ll reach a courtyard. On the left there is a Spell Catalyst.

Use Minions to break the column of the building in the right, go on top to destroy the columns supporting the gates. Do this on both parts of the building. Take the Chair inside and kill or dominate the Senator. Walk on the Chair. It will take you inside the City.

You are now in the poor part of the city. Destroy the house to reveal a rotating mechanism. You will meet some giant Toads, be carefull with them, as they can swallow Minions whole.Get on the other side and destroy any house blocking your way. Destroying it you will reach near the Arena, activate the pressure plate as soon as the raft passes you, this will stop it making a passageway to the other side. Go inside the Arena pits, to get the Blue Minion hive. Once you enter go right and destroy all containers some of them contain Life force, and creatures, some of them may contain Gems.

Go back and take left. Use the rotating wheel.

Leave your Minion behind and go though a moat. Inside go right and step on the pressure plate to release some of the Blues. There are some Royal Guards in there also destroy all containers.

Continue through the main path. You will reach another part, go on right and synchronize so that the blue container drops in the middle, in the metal square.

Do this until you get 8 Minions. Right of you there is a pressure plate that requires 8 Minions. At third pressure plate, use the claw to get the Minions down, they will die but use your Blues to resurrect them, get the containers down to get some lifeforce. Go to the pressure plate that requires 12 Minions. Some Royal Guard will appear, sweep your Blues through them across the water, keep them swept. Once you activate the pressure plate return your Minions to you. Open the gate to the left to get more Minions. Sneak behind the Guards and go back to the raft. The raft steers just as the boat just send some Blues to it and follow the Hive, it will get you to another map. Just follow the path and destroy all containers in your sight.

You are now in the Arena fighting for your life.Smash all containers for Minions. Once you reach the limit from the containers with Minions will drop lifeforce.

Kill the Royal Guards. Now step into the Arena, use Blues to resurrect dead Minion killed by Guards.

Opponents will come in waves

First wave will be formed only by slaves, I suggest you dominate as many as possible. It a easy round. In the second wave, a few Unicorns will come into play, it is best if you avoid the charge. The third; a Gargantuan to kill him make him charge at the Stone wall coming from beneath the Arena.

The forth wave is formed by a mix of slaves, Unicorns and Gargantuan, I suggest you smash all the containers left. Destroy all opponents.

The last wave is Yeti, he will throw Barrels, make him throw the barrels at the door in the right of the arena and left. Now go up and destroy the columns supporting the Royal Platform.

Now get the Hive, it is on top of the rubble and subdue or kill Yeti, I didn’t found any real use for him subdued.

Now if you have some time on your have go to Nordberg and continue your subduing/killing spree, go past the seal riser, and down there is a Raft, be sure you have 10 Blues, dock the raft on the left, there is a Health Stone. Now go right and you’ll reach the other part of the town.

Now go to Everlight and subdue/kill its residents, here there are some stands that produce Lifeforce, I found it very useful.

Go on the beach, near the Stand, cross the water with your Blues and go to a small island near it there is a cave, in there is a Spell Catalyst and on the right sweep your Minions to get an Evil Crystal.

Go at the Wasteland, use the Blues to repel the ooze ( the blue substance that mutates you other minions). Go through the path blocked by a gate, past it there is a small community of humans, in there is a Blues and Browns spawning pit. Soon after that some mutated snails will attack you. They are pretty weak. There is a tower heart right of the Snails, go to the barrier and get some Red from the right of it. Use Blues to repel the ooze by placing a guardmarker in it.

Now recall your blues and go opposite of the place where the Tower Heart Piece was, the same, place Blues in the ooze and with the Reds use the Rotating mechanism.

Go though the barrier and there is another community, unfortunately it is full of mutated humans, take the right path and where is the gate on the right, on the upper platform behind a house there is an Evil crystal. Go down at the platform in front of the rotating mechanism.

Sweep Blues to it, and use it. Now go through the place where snails are coming out past it there is a Health Stone.

Go through the Gate and there is a stone life, which leads you to another Tower Heart piece, take it and go back on the lift.

Once you pass the NetherGate another mutated community, destroy the barrier to the right for a Command Stone, next to it there is a Tower Heart Piece and opposite behind a tent an Evil Crystal.

Continue on the path and there are several Empire troops, kill them and follow the elf Florian. He will lead you to the last Sanctuary entrance. Now he will help you find the last Tower Heart Pieces; usually where he is, around him there is a Tower Heart. Where you are attacked by Mutated Minions (not yours) form where they came there is an Evil Crystal.

Once you find the 12th piece you will be ambushed by Empire Troops, don’t fight them just run. Make a Gargantuan charge at the Stone Barrier, now continue on the path and some archer will attack you. At the top kill the soldiers and go down the slope, it will lead to the Sanctuary.

Inside take the powerless Tower Heart to the 4 Shrines to charge it. When you reach the first Shrine, use Evil presence or Target spell on the crystal. Now the Tower Heart is in the middle of a Gnome Village if you haven’t finished the quest with 1000 gnomes killed, finish it there, but keep your distance some of them are suicidal.

When you are done take the statue in the lake to the right to cover the exit of the gnomes.

At the second Shrine you will be attacked by Red’s mounts the Salamanders. Get on the pressure plates to get the lift down, kill the elves and go up to take the Tower Heart, charge it.

Now a Salamander king will attack you, stealing the Tower heart. He destroys the left of the platform below, be fast and get down through there.

Make him get in the water to make him vulnerable, attack him using your Blues and you. Now he rolls synchronies in such a way your Minion get safe across get them on the pressure plate to rise the bridge.

At the last bridge, right of it there is a Mana Stone.

The Salamander Kings rolls on a track; also some Salamanders will attack you get on the other side where the Salamander king jumps using a ramp. Sweep your Blues to the supporting beam of the platform, now kill it.

And get your Tower Heart Back and go back to the Queen of the elves, Fey.

She will offer you her magic to charge the Tower Heart. On the way you will be ambushed by Empire, be careful for the bombs. At the Gnome village send your Salamanders in their houses.

Once you reach the Elven Queen, do the same as the crystals. I suggest you to kill as many elves as possible for Gems, as the Infernal armor is a must in the last battle.

Some fairies will try to save her as well as some elves. Once you drain her completely, overdrain her or leave her alive to make her your Mistress.

Now you must choose between your 3 Mistresses, each one of them gives a type of mount in the final battle.

Kelda will provide wolves, Juno will bring Spiders and Fey will send Salamanders.

Take a Everlightan requests an audience quest to continue killing/subduing Everlight population.

Go to the previously locked gate, ignite the barrels to remove the barrier and the gate. Inside the village there are some Poison users and bomb throwers, use the bombs to remove any obstacle, like a stone barrier.

Once you kill the last rebel they will succumb your will, kill/subdue them

If you feel you are ready take the last quest.

It’s a full scale assault on the Empire Capital, which its protected by a antimagic shield.

Further down the path there is a Mount Spawning pit, it works just like a Minions spawning pit. Take the Tower Heart after you, and when you need Minions call them back.

You will reach a slaves camp, don’t subdue any of them as they tend to stand in your way rather than be useful, kill all units in you way until you reach the Tower Heart Slot, it will spawn a Catapult. Take down all units and destroy the house left of you as it spawns Archers and the guard tower

Go and destroy the tent, near it there is a Spell Catalyst.

Continue until you reach the a small village. Inside there are some formations, to kill them easy, place Reds near to the Centurion and use your target spell on it.

Now take down the rest of the troops and destroy the tent near the Tower heart Slot.

Place the Tower Heart into its place, kill the archers and soon after them siege towers will attack you, to destroy them attack them 3 times each; there are 3 siege towers.

Don’t forget to destroy the Guard tower to your right and the archers.

Now go down stairs on the right and destroy the barrier to the left. Leave your Minion behind. There is a formation in front of you and some Bomb Throwers, stay close to the formation until some of the Thrower launches a few bombs, be sure you leave in time.

Go right and use one of the bombs to remove the stone barriers, now call your mounts and sweep them over the gap, and kill the throwers. In the left corner on the other side there are some containers, destroy them for some life force and an Evil Crystal.

In the open field some Formations will try to stop you, don’t attack them just lure them away from the gate leading into the fort, get near the gates to make them close; as soon as the gates close they will break formations and become easy targets.

Again leave your Minion behind take the right path around the fort and a Catapult will attack, make it destroy the Stone Barrier, now call your Minion and bring the Tower Heart. At the end of the road there is another locked gate but in the containers near it there are some bombs, use them to blow up the gate.

Kill anything that is inside the fort, place the Tower heart into its slot, and fire it at the city.

Soon from the city Formation will come out, set a guardmarker behind you. Kill anything it gets out.

Once you kill them all, 2 Gargantuan will guard the entrance into the city.

Now get inside the city. You must destroy 4 Shrines.

Take the only path and you will reach a bomb thrower don’t kill him instead use its bomb to get rid of the Formation ahead.

Destroy the shrine to the right. Continue to reach a NetherGate, destroy the wooden barrier to the left. Inside there are 2 Gargantuans and some Bomb Throwers, to stop the Bomb Throwers, on the right side of the house there is a gap in the wall send Minion in.

Kill the Gargantuans and destroy the shrine. Follow the marker and soon you will have to destroy a gate using a bomb. After you’ve destroyed the 3rd Shrine go right and destroy the house blocking your way, go down on the stairs and use a bomb to remove the rubble. Destroy the last Shrine and kill any mutants guarding it.

Go inside the palace, straight ahead some soldiers will try to stop you; here your spells can be of real use, use the Minion spell with the Brown Minion to knock them down, while they are down attack without the Minions. Follow the path to reach The magic Containment Room.

Now the Emperor will turn into a giant monster, he leaves behind ooze so blues are a must.

Once you reach a courtyard, send Greens to destroy the white bags on its back and side.

After you’ve destroyed a few of them, he will run to another courtyard. Here you have to deal with the Soldiers also; kill the archers on the right side and any melee units. Place your Minion on the stairs and watch as your Reds destroy the bags.

He will run for the last time.

Place the Minion near its head, take a few Greens and some Blues after you and destroy the bags, once you destroy them all it will regurgitate all kind of creatures, ranging from Unicorns to Giant Toads, and soon the Emperor will come out; use the Target spell on him.

Do this several time until he is without power.

Now a few tips;

Listen to Gnarl, beside making you smile he can give pretty good tips, unlike me

As for the gear: dont bother with it unless it is the Infernal Armor, Evil Eye helm( i suggest you get that as soon as possible) and Apocolypter mace.

If you need Gems you will get lots from elven creatures

Dominant Overlords are better at…er…dominating and Destroyer Overlords are better at….destroying things.

The higher your Horde power the better equipped are your Minions

To subdue a town kill 49 of its inhabitants and subdue the rest, do the other way if you want Destroyer path

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Ninja Blade walkthough

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Ninja Blade Walkthough

A few years ago, some creatures attacked a research facility. It would seem that those creature were infested with a type of hook-worms which reproduced in a host, gradually taking control and physically changing the host into a stronger blood-thirsty beast; the host loses sanity and self-awareness, that place was called Alpha-site and the worms, Alpha Worms. The military was forced to purge the site with a nuclear bomb. Is seems that

Over the years there have been several out-breaks, but they have been quickly extinguished by a special task force lead by Kanbe Ogawa. Now Tokyo in under siege and it would seem that this is the largest outbreak in the last years and the military will be forced to purge the city with orbital lasers.

Ken Ogawa (the main character, you) is one of the member of the strike team, you will venture into the battle. There are 3 types of weapons and ninjutsu. It can’t break armor. Interrupts enemies

*Oni Slayer- it’s the first weapon you get, it has decent speed and damage, although is some cases it might prove great it’s a waste leveling it past level 2, because in mission 8 you will  get it leveled at level 5 for free.

*Twin Falcon knives- its very fast, somewhat low damage but the speed makes it up for it, I suggest you level it as fast as you can. Watch out as it doesn’t interrupt the enemy from attacking, it’s the best when you need range, or you need to kill level 1 carriers. It grants the ability of Wire grappling. It cannot break armor.

*Stonerender Sword: it’s a heavy weapon, useful for breaking armor/shields. It has high Damage and very low speed. It grants the ability to get break walls. Interrupts enemies

Also Ken uses 3 types of ninjutsu

*Wind ninjutsu- Useful for putting out fires and knocking back enemies. Has medium damage. Holding B button presses you can target anything you want

*Fire ninjutsu-can set plants on fire and nets of plants. High damage’

*Lightning ninjutsu- Very useful it can stun enemies for a few seconds giving you enough time to evade or take out them on at a time. Tapping B button you lay a type of mines stunning any enemies that are trying to cross; also you can use it as a shield as it reflects incoming projectiles. Holding B it auto-targets all enemies in front of you. Low damage

Ken also has another ability, Ninja Vision uses chi and it reveals hidden things like a Grapple wire spot hidden under a layer of concrete or objects that contain something. Also Ninja Vision slows the enemies, very useful against some bosses but be careful if you are hit in this state you will receive a lot more damage

Carriers (the organisms infested) are divided into 5 levels

First 3 levels are regular mobs you came across along the way before you meet before the Bosses

Level 1 Carriers: are Bats, Blood Bats and Flies

Level 2 Carriers: are Birds, Humans, Giant Flies (they are Kamikaze), Ranged Carriers (Human Carries with weapons)

Level 3 Carriers: Giant Plants

The last 2 levels are Bosses

Level 4 Carriers: Pox Giants

Level 5 Carriers: Scolex Worm, Plague Snail, Arachne,; also some Level 5 carriers may be considered King Larvaes: they are the smart ones= Kanbe, Kuroh, Ryoko Kurokawa

These carries drop 2 types of Crystals

*Blood Crystals: Used for upgrading weapons and Ninjutsu

*Healing Crystals: used for healing.

Additional you can get emblems, outfits, Shinobi Moji, Chi Fragmets, Health Fragments.

Though out 9 missions I will try to guide how to beat bosses find several secrets and when QTE occurs along with the buttons you have to press;

Mission 1

You start the mission with a QTE (X,X,Y,Y), after landing you have to defeat some level 2 carriers, there will be three waves before a Pox Giant will appear, when he appears a QTE(A,A) will trigger. He is immobile and uses Shock-waves at range and melee up close, its best to avoid them by dashing; when he’s at 60-50% Hp he’ll make a firewall around him and summons level 2 carriers. If you run out of health there are some in the boxes on the left side filled with Healing Crystals. When you kill the carriers he’ll extinguish the firewall and you can attack him once again. If you get caught by a melee attack another QTE(Endure Y) will appear. When he runs out of health a todome chance will appear, press A(X,X,A,Y,Y)

When you are done; he runs and you have to chase it. When you run on walls for the first the time, there are several boxes with blood crystals and one of them has a Health Piece. Some Level 2 Carriers will come out of metal boxes, here you learn finishing moves (press Y when carries are almost defeated) after you defeat them a QTE (down) will trigger. Continue on the path and you will learn to block, defeat the carriers and another QTE (left), you will get Wind Ninjutsu.

Put out the fires ahead of you and at the end there is a room with flames and Carriers which you need to destroy, but first use ninja vision to spot a box with a First Aid in it, deal with the Carriers to face Pox giant for the last time, when you are done a QTE (B,A,DOWN,UP) will trigger.

This time Pox Giant will not be immobile, he can chase you around you can use this to your advantage, run around him and when he attacks he stalls for a few seconds attack him then using Ninja Vision, he uses a shock wave which sets on fire the hole place and he rises a firewall around him making you unable to attack him, use Wind Ninjutsu to put the firewall out.

TODOME=UP, Down,X,X,Y,X,X,Y; don’t forget to claim the crystal that come out after you defeat him. REWARD: 3000 Healing Crystals

The building is about to collapse a QTE (UP) occurs, use ninja vision to escape and long dash, at the end another QTE (A) followed by your first freefall you will meet several Level 2 Flying Carriers, the are pretty easy, at the end of the freefall you will see Arachne( level 5 carrier) and a QTE(B,A,A,A,Y), During the QTE you will get the Twin Falcon Knives.

Destroy the containers on the roof of of the building where you first grapple to obtain a Chi piece, Shinobi Moji and an Emblem.

Upon the building you will be assaulted by Bats and Level 2 Flying Carriers, defeat them using Twin Falcon Knives. Grapple wire to get across, Arachne will not be idle, it will throw fireballs.

Along the way more level 1 carriers, long dash you way to Arachne to trigger a QTE(A,X,Right,A,X,Y,UP,Y,A,Y,B)

Arachne is armored so your 2 weapon are not strong enough, you will get the Stonerender Sword, you will land in a room in which more leveled 2 carrier will come, these carries have a shield which only Stonerender sword will break. When you are almost done, one Carrier will remain(QTE=Y)

You will reach a platform that leads to Arachne, while you Long dash you way to him, it will create shockwaves watch its legs to predict the next type of shockwave, reach it and he’ll throw no more shockwaves.

He’ll use 2 types for attacks for the start:

*Throws 3 fireballs, use dashing to avoid them

*Stabs its first 2 legs into the platform, attack using the Stonerender Sword when its legs are stuck, to break the armor first then use any weapon you want.

You may want to use the Ninja Vision to destroy the legs faster and when he throws fireballs get as close as you can, using Ninja Vision and Twin Falcon Knives. When you destroy the first set of legs he’ll collapse allowing you to reach its head.

When he gets up he triggers a massive wave (QTE=A) also he’ll grow 2 new legs but with no armor. Do it several times until it reaches 60-50% you will move to the sides(QTE=X,A,Y,A,Y,A,X,Y)

Its pretty much the same but this time you have 3 legs to destroy before you can damage it directly.


First MISSION COMPLETE Reward 3000 Blood Crystals

Mission 2

You stat by manning a machine gun which can use 2 types of ammunition: Bullets and Self-propelled Grenades. The grenades are best used against bosses and Armored Carriers.

A Scolex Worm will attack you, use Grenades against him to make him run, he will retreat shortly, but he will come out from a sky-scraper triggering a QTE(B,A,A,A), you will come down in a building and you have to destroy the carriers in there. When you are done with them

Impaler Leech will show up, it uses a sort of ground-waves to damages you and it rolls on the floor, each time it rolls a QTE will trigger, you have to go either right or left( no certain pattern to it), also it uses Stealth attacks( only ninja vision can see them). And when you try to get close, it will slam the ground damaging and knocking you back.

Use ranged weapons to attack it like Ninjutsu or Twin Falcon Knives.


After Todome the Scolex Worm returns with a QTE(Down, Y), now you have to run(do exactly as the last escape in mission 1), at the end of the platform, QTE(A).

You will now free falling encountering several Flying Carriers along the way, another QTE(up,X,A,A) at the end of the free fall and now you have to face the Scolex Worm.

It regurgitates flaming cars which explode on impact; it charges and    uses invisible attack.

When it charges use ninja vision to avoid and get into the fray as soon as possible and damage it, also you can use ranged attacks to damage it; from time to time, when you damaged it enough it may rest on the upper platform(on the right)

To give Todome you have you run on walls at the upper right platform( use ninja Vision to spot it)


After Todome you have to run again and a small QTE(down) at the end.

Now you have to chase the Slime Chopper, it will try to disrupt you using missiles, on the building that the Chopper was hovering you will find in the containers there an Emblem. Up ahead there is a grappling point hidden under a layer of concrete, before that look to your right and you should see some barrels, destroy them.

Get across and on the right of the building there will be a First Aid in some barrels, be careful on that building, lots of explosive barrels, you should try to detonate them. ON the top of the building the Slime Chopper will wait.

It can attack in 2 ways use missiles or bullets. To defeat him easy try to reflect the missiles and avoid bullets, once in a while it may come down crashing use this opportunity to attack, use whatever weapon you want as long as you have Ninja Vision activated.

TODOME=A,X,Y,DOWN,A,A,Right,A,Right,Left,Y  REWARD: 3000 Healing Crystals 1000 Blood Crystals.

Once you defeat it you now acquire the Flame Ninjutsu and you get to try it. Follow the way into a big dark room, here you ignite you first Giant Plant(this provide also light so you can see), destroy all containers and on the right of the room, as you enter, there should be a breakable wall, now go in the room with explosive barrels use ranged to destroy or quake( hold Y) from Stonerender Sword.

Continue your way and you should see another dark room, there is another Giant Plant ignite it too and on the platform the plant is standing in a barrel there is a Chi Fragment, you will reach 2 pole at the end of the room they will trigger a QTE (A).

You are now steps away from the final battle( of this mission). In a room in you are required to destroy Level 2 Carriers there is a Health Piece on a upper platform where Ranged carriers are, its hidden in a barrel; be sure you leave at least one alive as it will trigger the battle with the boss.

QTE(A,Left,Right,X,A,A,A,A) when you kill the last carrier

Now the Plague Snail, it has 3 types of attacks

1-Regurgitates Cars(as Scolex-Worm)

2-Waves(as Leech)

3-rams its tongue against you( at least it tries)

Cars can be easily avoided as you have a lot of room, Waves are easy if you jump or just dash around but when he rams you can avoid it and start attacking it. Sometimes, if you can you can throw a Fire Ninjutsu when he starts regurgitating cars.

When hes about 60-70% hp 2 Scolex worm will aid it, I suggest you take those out first before continuing.


Reward: 3000 Blood Crystals

Mission 3

Here you shall meet for the first time 2 king larvae, you use the Machinegun mounted on a vehicle pretty much the same as the last mission. You will be attacked by Level 2 Flying Carriers and Armored ones, when you exit the a tunnel a QTE(continuous X, X, Y), outside another QTE(Left, A) and you will be followed by a Parasitic Train; also at the end of the road another QTE(Y).

Once you get inside a tunnel again you will be followed by Carrion Claw(the big crustaceous)->QTE(UP); when he follows you try to break its armor(try aiming for the head). Now you must face Carrion Claw

It has throws at you several spheres of lightning and it electrifies the waters so don’t step in it, the safest place it the center; between the 2 white lines. Also if you try to get close he slams his legs against the ground creating shockwaves, it may also knock you back if you are too close. Later he will also use 2 beams of light to damage you, easily avoided by jumping.

First you need to take its leg-armor off; this is done with Stonerender Sword, once you take it off use ranged to destroy the legs best use Twin Falcon knives and conserve your chi for Ninja Vision when he falls to the ground.

There is another way for attacking, use Wind ninjutsu to attack its core, but this can only be done by taking its core armor off.

He also regenerates leg-armor and create a force field making you unable to attack, some bats will come to its aid.


Once you defeat it you will get Lightning Ninjutsu and you get to try it

Now you have to return to your chase, there is a first aid in the barrels to the right where you start, use ninja Vision to spot it faster. An emblem is where you are told to use Lightning Ninjutsu in a barrel, also around there should be a Health Piece, outside the room there is an out fit hidden in a box and an Adrenaline Boost.

Where the Kings await you on the highway there is a breakable wall on the right.

Follow them and soon you will have to face them.

Kurokawa Yakuza Bosses

It uses Energy bolts from the snake, also you can reflect it with you Lightning Ninjutsu, also it slams on the ground damaging you if you get caught underneath it. Its pretty easy to defeat.


Reward=3500 Healing Crystals; 1000 Blood Crystals.

Now you must Defeat Ryoko Kurokawa.

She uses the snakes on her right arm either in direct attack or impaling, or she runs on a upper platform to perform an impaling or a energy attack.

When she’s up on the platform reflect the energy attack; as for the impaling run in circles or dash to avoid.

When she is down and can be damaged use Stonerender sword to break the guard and change to Twin Falcon Knives for quick damage, do this several times before she run to the upper platform.

You can incapacitate her with Lightning ninjutsu


REWARD=3000 blood Crystals.

Mission 4

You find yourself on an airplane manning a machinegun and you must defend a commercial airplane, a clime chopper will show up but it will soon be destroyed by a Fire Hydra, which you now have to fight, best use Grenades to defeat it-> QTE(A,A,B,RIGHT,LEFT,RIGHT.X,Y,RIGHT,UP,CONTINOUS Y)

Now you are on the plane and you have to defend against Level 2 Kamikaze Carriers, they can easily removed with a Wind ninjutsu or normal attack.When you cross from wing to wing inside the aircraft there should be shinobi moji in one of the containers.

Hydra will attach itself on the plane, continue defending the plane a QTE(Up,4B,A,A,A) will trigger now you have to defeat one of its head, break its armor and use ranged to damage it, it charges but if you stay at the far end of the wing it wont reach you, also it uses a multiple fireball you can reflect it.


REWARD=3500 Healing Crystals, 1000 blood Crystals.

Right after Todome a short QTE(A) will launch,  and now you have to destroy the containers to lighten the plane, in one of them there is a Health pierce and an outfit; once you destroyed all the containers Hydra will come inside triggering a QTE=Up, Endure(different Button every time)

Now a Slime Chopper will show up, do the same as the last one in mission 2 once defeated a second Slime Chopper will appear. Now hydra wants to play, first only one head will come do as the last time and more Kamikaze will show up, take care of the plane.

Once its Hp is about 50% the other heads its come into play with health restored. When you are done a QTE(RIGHT,UP,A,A) will appear.

Now you are on top of the plane and you are required to defeat the Fire hydra for the last time.

Take its armor off(if it has any) and use Twin Falcon Knives to defeat it its pretty easy as you reflect all incoming projectiles.

TODOME=X,UP,ENDURE(different button every time),X, CONTINOUS X,ENDURE,ENDURE,Y



A level 4 carrier called Blast Mite will shows up and you have to defeat, it armored so take its armor down first. It bounces 3 times on one spot and then it bounces another 3 time at you, its best if you dash.


Now you are freefalling several Level 2 Flying Carriers will stand in your way, at the end a QTE(A,A)

Explore the room you are now in, there should be a Health Piece in it and a Adrenaline Boost, now go and find those Blast Mites, don’t worry about the time. The first one is staying on the ground but its invisible use ninja vision to spot it. This one is pretty much as the last one but this one ignites the surrounding area.


REWARD 4000 healing Crystals , 2000 blood crystals

Further along the way there are several crashed trains check the other side, diagonally to the first Giant Plant, there is a health Piece and an Adrenaline Boost.

Where is a Gas Geyser on a Wall run  platform drop down and in a barrel there Is a shinobi moji, further up ahead concealed by metal containers there is a breakable container. Cross onto the other side and continue through a cave, there should be more crashed trains inside a barrel near them should be an emblem. The Blast Mite is on ceiling knock it with Wind Ninjutsu. It’s the same as the last ones.


Reward=4000 healing Crystals 2000 healing crystals.

QTE(UP, RIGHT,A,Y) after Todome

The last Mite is pretty close concealed as the last ones, but you wont  ->QTE(Up,A) fight it as a Stalker Larva will snatch it.

Now you must defeat Stalker Larva, you must defeat it in less than the time left, and it makes a tornado which makes him almost untouchable.

It throws Bomb Louge, small Blast Mites, rocks and non-deflectable fireballs which ignites the spot they have landed.

Its easy to avoid rocks and fireballs, just put out the flames they leave behind.

As for Bomb Louge knock them back into the pit with one of your weapons or wind ninjutsu.

If you insist with the Bomb Louge you can damage it while it has the tornado up.

Use Flame Ninjutsu to damage it while it doest have the tornado up.

Small blast Mites can be quite annoying if you don’t deal with them fast.

Do it in the allocated time.


Reward=4000 healing crystals 2000 blood crystals.

Now you have to corner it, it uses fireballs but this time you can deflect them so using lighting Ninjutsu.

Also damage it with ranged until the next the wave of fireballs.


Reward 3000 Blood Crystals

Mission 6

You enter the fray through a QTE (left). Some Pox giants await you further ahead; the first is on the lower ground. Do the same as in mission 1 but this time it’s a lot easier as you weapon are upgraded. Where you defeated the where you have to put a fire out at the top of a vertical run, next to it there is another Vertical wall run use ninja vision to spot it; up there it should be in a box a Chi Fragment.

Continue and you will have to kill another 2 pox giants, at the last upper pass way on the right in a barrel there should be a Health Pierce.

Where you see a crashed Helicopter (its best to activate Ninja vision to cross on the other side) at the very end there is a building on fire, inside there are Ranged Level 2 Carriers, inside in some boxes there is a Health Piece and an Adrenaline boost, on the right after you destroy the wall.

Continue and there is a breakable wall guarded by Level 2 Flying carriers, inside there is a Chi piece and an emblem.

Myiasia Fly will show up later on.

It uses a beam of light to target you, don’t get caught or you will be zapped and you’ll have to recover, best avoid it also it turn in small flies and later on, when you’ve damaged it enough it will create a forcefield and it will charge a highly damaging beam. It will also thrust.

The files are weak against Wind ninjutsu and the beam can be easily avoided by jumping.

Damage it when it uses the targeting beam with Twin Falcon Knives.


REWARD= 4500 Healing Crystals and 1000 blood Crystals

Now you have to reach Kuroh, inside a lift you have to defeat several waves of Level 2 Carriers and Armored ones; at the end a QTE(B,A) will trigger. Once you are at the top, a QTE (left) will trigger when you enter the fancy room.

Now you must defeat Mutant Andy.

While he is up on the platform he throws fireballs; to get him down you must use Fire Ninjutsu, when he gets down a QTE(B).

He now fights using his body and sword, you can easily disrupt him using Lightning Ninjutsu and use any weapon you want afterwards. Sometimes he may use stealth attacks, those are completely deflectable; also a QTE(continuous X) is triggered, this is entirely optional; succeeding you damage him, otherwise he damages you.

Once he had taken enough damage he return on the upper platform and summons Level 2 Armed Carriers, while the carriers are still alive he throws massive fireballs(take longer to charge but considerably higher damage); destroy the carriers to return to smaller Fireballs and thus damaging him with Fire NInjutsu.

TODOME=Continuous X, X,Y

REWARD=3000 healing Crystals, 1000 Blood Crystals

After Wilson beats Kuroh short QTE(Y), where is the breakable wall there are some boxes; inside them there is a First Aid and an Adrenaline Boost, continue through the breakable wall to face Kuroh.

A QTE(UP, LEFT, X) when you reach Kuroh.

Now you must Defeat Kuroh Sakamoto.

He uses a variety of attacks, he uses physical force to attack you, shadows which may damage you and confuse; to get rid of them its best to use Lightning Ninjutsu to stun them and attack the real Kuroh, he may use a few kunais( daggers) which can be reflected , to attack him its best to stun first and then use StoneRender sword.

Once hes defeated he will suffer a complete transformation and recharges its health.

He has the same abilities only that he has them enhanced.


It would seem that Kuroh wont give up triggering another QTE(RIGHT,Y,UP,RIGHT,X,X,RIGHT,B,A,X,X,A)

Mission 7

You start manning a machinegun on a vehicle, Level 2 Bomb Carriers and Level 2 Flying Carriers. Later on 2 Blasting Mites will show up, break their armor first with grenades, at the same time Level 2 Carriers will attack you.

Once you defeat the second Mite your ninjutsu will be stolen and now you must recover.

I suggest you take the path to the left(not the with the electric panel) this path hold the Wind Ninjutsu. This path resembles mission 6, wind ninjutsu is guarded by Tojiro, bosses like in mission 3.

Reward 4500 healing Crystals 1000 Blood Crystals. Defeating this boss return you the Wind Ninjutsu.

Now go through the path with fire on it, this one holds the fire ninjutsu and resembles mission 5. When you reach a big room in which you can get to the destination faster, take the longer path, there is breakable wall around there and right after you get past the gas Geyser there is a Grappling point which leads to an upper platform there is a Shinobi Moji.

Continue on the path and you will encounter a Pox Giant, like in mission 1 like the first time he’s mobile. There are 2 things different; he lowers himself and spikes the area and he while he’s lowered the throws some Bomb Louges.

Reward 4500 Healing Crystals 1000 blood Crystals and Fire Ninjutsu.

Continue through the last path left, this one is like in mission 2 even the secret are pretty much the same with one difference, where you light the first Giant Plant, in the room with lots of explosive barrels in the left corner there is a vertical Wallrun, up there is a Chi Fragment.

The last ninjutsu is guarded by a boss similar with the Carrion Claw like in mission 3.

Reward 4500 Healing Crystals 1000 blood crystals.

Now go straight ahead and at the gorge a QTE(A), followed by a free fall at the end another QTE(A,A). here Plox Arachne will greet you.

Plox Arachne is pretty much like Arachne in mission 1 but it has Firewall instead of Armor.


Reward 3000 Blood Crystals.

This mission ends through a QTE(A,Y)

Mission 8

This mission launches with a QTE(A,A) and after a talk with Kanbe another QTE(A,X,B,X,X,X,X,DOWN,CONTINIOUS X)

Now you must fight Kanbe Ogawa

Kanbe dashes to avoid damage and blocks, use Lightning ninjutsu to disrupt him and use StoneRender Sword to break its guard. He also creats a shockwave, this shockwave has a straight trajectory but Kanbe analyses your movement and sends it on your path.

When he’s at 80% Hp he’ll run, don’t follow him yet break all the containers, around there it should be a few things( First Aid, Adrenaline Boost and Shinobi Moji)

Now follow him in the elevator, here you can use the battle ground to your advantage, try to push him against the wall, it will damage him as well as you if you touch the walls. Try to do bursts of attack as he will knock you back and damaging you pretty bad. When he’s damage about 50% a QTE(Up,A,Up,A)


Now you have the Level 5 Oni slayer, the Ninja Blade, be careful with it if you use it to much it will damage, this can be easily avoided by changing the weapons.

Continue the fight with Kanbe; he now uses a type of force field which can be broken only with the Ninja Blade, hit and run attacks pay off.

Later he’ll also summon shadows like Kuroh, you can spot him with Ninja vision. QTE(Y,Up,A,UP,A,A)

Now you are fighting on platform summoned by Kanbe, he uses all the abilities as before only that he retreat on higher ground, you can wind Ninjutsu to damage him.

TODOME=Continuous X, X,Y,Y.

Reward 10000 Blood Crystals.

Mission 9

This is the last stand, the last fight.

You are in a helicopter manning a Machinegun, fight your way though Level 2 Flying Carriers, a scolex worm will attack you later, after you kill it on a highway there are Level 2 Armed Carriers; its best if you use grenades to destroy them soon after them another Scolex Worm.

Later Mutant Kanbe will come out from a building trying to destroy you, use Grenades to stop him, he will throw you away and later he will throw buildings upon you destroy them with Grenades.

Once he picks up an entire block attack him to disrupt him; a(Down,A,Down QTE) after that.

Now there are 2 path you can take, both are the same, the right path leads to a Scolex worm, destroying it creates a path to Kanbe.

Mutant Kanbe

He first slams its fists creating a shockwave, attack its hands(I suggest the right hand).

His hands have different abilities; the right one creates pillars of electricity and Electric Spheres, while the right one creates a pillar of flame and fireballs.

Once dealt with the hands, attack its neck, but be careful as hes not defenceless, he summons bats and shoots Energy Spheres, which can be deflected, its best if you use Twin Falcon Knives to damage him.

His head will fall to the ground use ninja vision along with ninja Blade to attack.

When he rises he uses the targeting beam and some Level 2 carriers will come to its aid, once those are destroyed he will create an electric Force field and Beams which can be avoided by jumping.

Now all things repeat.

TODOME=X, left, Y,A

Reward 5000 healing Crystals 2000 blood Crystals

Now again you must take one of two paths until you reach him.

Once you reach him use its sword to get up on the platform and get across chasm

This time Kanbe uses its sword to summon Energy bolts, deflect them with Lighting Ninjutsu; also he uses its sword to sweep across the battleground, avoid by jumping. The rest should be the same

When you have TODOME chance, use its sword to reach the head.


REWARD 1000 blood Crystals 4000 healing Crystals

Now you have to get inside Mutant Kanbe to destoy the heart; QTE ( down)

Losing here you see an alternative ending.

Inside there is Kanbe in its semi-transformed form, he uses only physical force to attack, he dashes and changes to different weapons.

He also knock you back if you insist with the attacking so use hit and run tactics combined with lightning ninjutsu


Reward=30000 Blood Crystals

Note: this game has been played under Hard Difficulty with normal QTE, I will try not to spoil the storyline. Also I have played it with a game-pad, if you have one I strongly recommend using it

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